Shiba Inu, Saitama among most viewed coins in North America

Sahana Kiran
Shiba Inu
Source: Pixabay

The popularity of meme coins like Shiba Inu, Saitama, BabyDoge as well as Dogecoin was on the rise. CoinMarketCap’s latest data from North America affirmed the same.

An array of meme coins came to be in the year 2021. Shiba Inu amassed increased traction throughout the year, now, the meme coin decided to prolong its hot streak in 2022 as well. Move over listings and endorsements, prominent crypto market researcher, CoinMarketCap [CMC] revealed that Shiba Inu was one of the ten most viewed coins in the North American region.

With a whopping 21,211 views, SHIB was the third most viewed cryptocurrency on CoinMarketCap. The altcoin was right behind the largest two cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin [BTC] and Ethereum [ETH], which had 32,645 and 32,673 views, respectively.

XRP has been in the market for quite some time, at least longer than SHIB. The altcoin has a much larger market cap [$36.10 billion] than the meme coin. Yet, Shiba Inu went on to beat XRP by a wide margin.

Additionally, Shiba Inu landing a spot on Mexico’s biggest crypto exchange is speculated to have pushed the views of the meme coin.

This list didn’t entail the traditional crypto assets. Saitama as well as SafeMoon made it to the list with a significant number of views. This proved that the globe was open to new assets.

Despite its surge in popularity, Shiba Inu’s price remained at $0.00003071. During the time of writing, the meme coin was dropping by 3.46% over the previous 24-hours.

Shiba Inu’s fall out with CoinMarketCap

Earlier today, the Shib Army seemed too furious as they began lashing out at CMC. The network alleged that CMC had listed three fake contract addresses related to SHIB. While SHIB only uses the Ethereum chain, the other three, Binance Smart Chain, Terra, and Solana, were reportedly fake.

Even though the community reached out to CMC, the contract addresses continued to reside on SHIB’s page. Elaborating on the same, the Staff Manager of SHIB’s Discord told Watcher Guru,

“We have been attempting to talk to CoinMarketCap and we have been helping bridge the communication for this. We have sent multiple emails to CMC and they have been very dismissive over several things we have requested.”