Shiba Inu-themed restaurant Welly’s Discord succumbs to Phishing Exploit

Sahana Kiran
Shiba Inu
Source – Pixabay

From accomodating gamers, Discord is now home to an array of crypto projects. These cryptocurrency projects share details pertaining to updates, giveaways, and many more on their respective Discord channel. Several members of the crypto community have flocked to the app with the hope of attaining first-hand information. So did the Shiba Inu Army.

With the onset of 2022, numerous ‘partnershibs’ fell into the Shib network’s lap. The meme crypto was so loved that an entire fast-food chain decided to be inspired by Shib. Welly, the world’s very first Shiba Inu-themed restaurant elevated its popularity thanks to the Shib Army. However now, the platform’s Discord channel underwent a phishing exploit.

In a recent statement, Welly revealed that it’s,

“official Discord channel was breached through a security flaw in the account of one of the team members.”

Scammers reportedly veered into the channel and spammed the entire Discord channel with bots who put out phishing links for a period of 30 minutes. These phishing links took the victims to a fake minting website where scammers were able to garner access to the wallets of these users.

Here’s what was lost in the Welly Discord hack

The scammers reportedly managed to steal NFTs, Shiboshis, and even Lands from the metaverse. Welly affirmed that it was only those whole decided to proceed with the fake minting process that lost their funds.

Furthermore, the platform affirmed that most of the stolen NFTs, Lands as well as Shiboshis were returned. This was mostly due to the Defense and Growth Breed. Elaborating on the same, the Shiba Inu-themed platform said,

“To mitigate the coordinated attack that happened, this is going to be an active work in progress as there are many factors to look at regarding this because the RIGHTFUL owners of the NFTs flagged them on OpenSea. We are already in talks with OpenSea from this attack and working with them to mitigate the damage even more. Once OpenSea clears the affected NFTs, we will then proceed to move forward with the mitigation process.”

The Shiba Inu-themed restaurant then confirmed that the scammers were able to amass only 8.5 to 10 ETH worth of assets. This is around $17K, which is considered to be minimal compared to the other Discord hacks in the market.

Just as the community was recovering from the $360K Discord hack of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, it was hit by this attack. Just last month, OpenSea’s Discord channel was compromised. These phishing attacks appeared to be spiraling out of hand. As a result, various networks have warned users to avoid clicking on any such links.