SkyBridge and NAX Announces Groundbreaking Partnership on Algorand

SkyBridge and NAX

New Asset Exchange (NAX) and SkyBridge Capital are partnering to speed up the adoption of Algorand across the Middle East and Northern America. This catalytic process becomes possible through the provision of Investment opportunities and digital apps.

The partnership between SkyBridge and NAX will work on an initiative called UNLOX with Algorand as the Protocol, SkyBridge as the institutional infrastructure provider, and New Asset Exchange(NAX) as the commercial infrastructure provider.

SkyBridge announced that it would provide a $250M fund to speed the dApp growth on Algorand.

About SkyBridge 

SkyBridge continues to pioneer in blockchain and digital assets. It also aims to provide institutions with access to their DeFi opportunities. 

According to the team, their first fund series targets $250m, and it will be accompanied by several roadshows. This fund series also aims to bring the products to the forefront of the digital market.

About Algorand

Algorand is a decentralized network built to solve blockchain problems, including Lack of speed, insecurity, and even decentralization.

The company was launched officially in June 2019 by Silvio Micali (a computer scientist and an MIT professor).  Moreover, Algorand network is an open-source blockchain network that anyone can build on.

The Algorand network enables Decentralized Finance organizations to grasp the core principles and value of decentralized technology. The network does this as a result of using its smart contracts approach and information sharing frameworks. 

This will see generation of the next wave of decentralized apps as many developers engage with resources here.

About NAX(New Asset Exchange)

Founded by Jeff Schumacher, New Asset Exchange has a value of over $300m and is bringing liquidity to corporate assets. In addition to this it presents a model for launching its asset-backed products, securities, and ventures.NAX also aims to provide corporate infrastructure that will enable UNLOX ventures to launch at scale.

Some of the features it brings include; A digital asset wallet, commerce engine  fractionalization platform and also art lending with collateral. 

According to CEO Schumacher, his company has a high and unlimited potential to improve efficiency across ecosystems. He additionally stated that the company’s Algorand Virtual Machine (AVM), smart contracts, and new DeFi apps are an added advantage to the partnership.

SkyBridge and NAX Future

In summary, SkyBridge and NAX are working together to bring Algorand success. This partnership will be beneficial as it will help attract more investors for the project, which in turn should lead them achieving their goals quickly!