Solana: Yearly Highs & 42% TVL Growth Spark FOMO Frenzy

Sahana Kiran
Source – Coin Culture

Solana (SOL) has witnessed a notable upswing. It reached an annual peak of approximately $67, marking its highest value since May 2022. Despite recent fluctuations in the market, this surge has triggered a substantial Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) effect. It is driving a positive sentiment to levels not witnessed since November of the preceding year, as indicated by Santiment’s data.

While the upward momentum of Solana has captured the interest of numerous investors, analysts, including Twitter user Ali, are sounding cautionary notes. They express concerns that the FOMO surrounding SOL may not necessarily indicate a bullish trend. Some argue that investors may be entering the Solana ecosystem without conducting thorough due diligence. It could potentially expose them to unforeseen risks and financial losses.

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Decentralized Exchanges and Surge in Trading Volume

Decentralized exchanges (DEXes) within the Solana ecosystem have experienced a notable surge in trading volume over the past week. Notably, the trade volume has exceeded $3 billion, with leading DEXes Orca and Raydium witnessing an impressive 70% growth. According to data from DeFiLlama, the trading volume of decentralized exchanges on the token has surged by 54% in the past week, reaching an all-time high of $3 billion.

Solana’s Total Value Locked (TVL) has registered a significant uptick of 42%. This is since the start of November, escalating from $409.68 million to $584.56 million. This growth is evident in data provided by DeFiLlama, a DeFi intelligence tracker. The surge in TVL underscores the increasing confidence and engagement within the Solana ecosystem.


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While Solana’s recent surge in price and trading activity positions it as a formidable player in the cryptocurrency market, caution is paramount. Analysts’ warnings regarding potentially irrational FOMO-driven investments underscore the importance of careful consideration before entering the Solana ecosystem.