South Park-inspired video trolls Sam-Bankman Fried: Crypto Twitter Reacts

Sahana Kiran
Source – Twitter

The entire world witnessed the infamous downfall of FTX. Sam Bankman-Fried went from riches to rags in no time. While the crypto community was constantly pouring hate on SBF, a new video trolling the FTX founder was creating quite the buzz on Twitter.

The South Park-inspired video features SBF who is seen saying “sorry” multiple times in the video. Following his fraudulent behavior, SBF appeared in several interviews apologizing to the community. Mirroring the same notion, in the video, SBF was apologizing in every scene.

Each scene mirrors several instances that occurred throughout the FTX ordeal. The video started off with an animated version of SBF saying,

“Hey, hi. So I’m SBF, founder, and CEO of FTX. My accidental theft of our customers’ life savings to create a giant overleveraged Ponzi slush fund for myself is a tragedy that should have never happened. And to all those affected I want to say I am deeply sorry.”

Soon after this video was out, Crypto Twitter was in splits.

An array of Twitter users noted how this was the “Best video ever made in the history of Twitter.” Dogecoin’s co-founder Billy Markus echoed this statement and suggested that it was the “best video ever made.”

As mentioned earlier, SBF was seen apologizing throughout, this prompted a user to say “I’ve never laughed so hard at someone’s apology.”

A few other users were urging South Park to release an episode over the downfall of SBF’s FTX empire.

Binance’s CZ and CoffeeZilla make an appearance alongside SBF

Many believed South Park was responsible for the creation of the video. CZ was among them; he was pleased to be in South Park but unhappy with the circumstances.

Along with CZ, a prominent internet investigator, CoffeeZilla was also part of the video.

It should be noted back in July, Larry David was trolled by South Park for appearing in an ad for FTX during the Super Bowl. Back then, FTX did not mind getting “meme’d” by South Park.