Spiral Demonstrates Lightning Network in a Promotional Video

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On December 7, a team from Jack Dorsey’s Spiral shared a video highlighting the Lightning Development Kit (LDK), on top of the capabilities of Bitcoin Lightning. Spiral is the crypto arm to Square, which was recently rebranded to Block. 

The short film that was published by the Spiral team to promote the new LDK feature features a Jack Dorsey puppet. The video also features the company’s team explaining what the Lightning Network is and its benefits.

Additionally, Spiral shared that it had been working on the LDK project for over two years. In the film, the company’s product manager, Conor Okus, shares that LDK will enable developers to effortlessly “integrate instant BTC payments into any app.”

According to LDK’s introductory page, the project will also help with the creation of a single wallet experience. What does this mean? Programmers and developers will get to define their wallets and, in turn, create a unified experience. This means that users will not need to create separate Lightning and Bitcoin accounts.

Understanding the Lightning Development Kit

The Lightning Development Kit, or LDK, is a Spiral project to implement Lightning. This implementation will help developers seamlessly integrate the Lightning Network into their applications. As mentioned earlier, the Lightning network will aid in implementing BTC payments into any app.

Spiral’s lead, Steve Lee, shares the inspiration behind launching the LDK project in the promotional film. He also shared that the company launched the project to deal with the problems of “adding Lightning Network capabilities.” The company’s team noted this problem after interviewing a number of developers and wallet projects.

The LDK project removes barriers hindering the implementation of the Lightning Network. Additionally, it permits developers to focus on the inner workings of their applications. Once implemented, LDK allows for immediate BTC payments on apps, games, and other Bitcoin applications. 

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Although the company has just recently announced the project, it has been working on it for a couple of years. Moreover, the project has already yielded positive results. Back in July, BlueWallet, a BTC wallet, announced that based on LDK, it had implemented the Lightning Network in its mobile app.

About Spiral

Spiral is a subsidiary of Square, which was recently rebranded to Block. The company, which is Bitcoin-focused, recently rebranded from being known as Square Crypto. The billionaire and CEO Jack Dorsey funds this initiative.

Jack Dorsey, who stepped down as Twitter’s CEO last month, shared the meaning behind the name Spiral. He tweeted that the name Spiral alludes to BTC’s “spiraling from one point until it touches everything.”

According to the Spiral website, the rebranding was also to do away with the word ‘crypto’ in their former name. The rebranding was crucial in preventing confusion since the company solely focuses on Bitcoin. 

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In addition to Spiral, Block also has another arm that is Bitcoin-focused. This is the TBD initiative that aims at developing a decentralized Bitcoin exchange. 

According to CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin is worth $51,710.56, a 6.22% increase within 24 hours at the time of writing.