Stripe Is Building a Crypto and Bitcoin Team

Source: Coin News

Stripe is a technology company that builds infrastructure for the internet. It offers digital online payment processing services for businesses through its software application and programming interfaces. The company made a crypto ban a few years ago, and it is now interesting to the crypto community that ‘Stripe is building a Crypto and Bitcoin team.’ Let us all see what they are up to.

Reasons for Re-entering the Crypto World

Low transaction speed and high gas fees are reasons Stripe stopped accepting Bitcoin transactions in 2014. However, Stripe is now back, and not only to accept the use of Bitcoin but also to build a much more efficient system. It aims to create a more efficient, secure, and high-quality site with crypto-enabled experiences. The payments company wants to build better blocks to help exchange funds between fiat and crypto, move funds and make payments.

New Spaces for Development

The discovery of new spaces for development in the crypto space is another reason. The company says that it has always kept its eye on Bitcoin and the vast crypto emerging technologies even after the opt-out. Technologies such as NFTs, DeFi, stable coins, and L2’s have spiked the company’s interest in returning to the crypto space and recruiting a team of developers. Stripe made an advertisement on its official sites about recruiting a talented group of developers.

Job description requirements:

  • Four Staff Engineers and Designers.
  • Ability to build the future of Web3 payments.
  • Ability to work with cross-platforms, from Mobile/Web UIs, backend, identity systems, and payments.


Competition from significant firms has pushed the company into accepting Bitcoin as Payment. Stripe’s significant competitors include MasterCard, Square, and PayPal, all of which use Bitcoin as a mode of payment and transactions; Stripe does not want to be left behind.

Long-Term Goals

Accepting development using new and emerging technologies is among the long-term goals of Stripe. In 2018, Stripe stated that it would return to the crypto space when the transactions became viable. It kept hinting at the high potential projects that kept emerging on Ethereum and the development of the Lightning Network to speed up transactions. Each of these aspects was almost complete in the crypto space, and now is just as good a time as good to return; what a timing!

No Border Limit

Stripe is also excited about cryptocurrency because it will help break the border-limit barrier involving transactions across borders. Government and fiat currency systems have protocols that slow down transactions, and the tax rates are also very high. Hence, Stripe is looking into Bitcoin, and Cryptocurrency will help break this barrier by building a crypto and bitcoin team.

Crypto for the Future

With a market value of $95 billion, Stripe is now the most valuable company in Silicon Valley. Imagine what the net worth would be if the company had not stopped accepting Bitcoin as payment? Even Elon knows he is still holding on to his Bitcoin and has not sold a single Tesla BTC. The secret is in the ledger, not the paper.