The Rise of the 0N1 Force


Recently, a new NFT project hit the streets and the internet. Called the 0N1 Force, they made an eye-watering $1.9 million in the first 5 minutes of their existence.

Since their official launch, 0N1 Force has raked in an astonishing $73 million in the first 5 days.

What is the 0N1 Force?

This is a collection of 7,700 characters, with more than 100 features that are generated in a random manner.

They have unique, eye-catching art. The art is also hand drawn.

The characters in 0N1 Force exist in their own universe, named The Ethereal Enclave.

In that universe, the characters and their stories revolve around the story of the sudden and unexpected death of an Emperor. The dead Emperor had no heir before their death.

Strong Online Presence

When this NFT’s team officially launched, they created a strong and robust online community of more than 13,000 Discord members.

In the online community member forums, the team discussed minute details about the project, and answered questions.

They also built strong ties with members, and offered newcomers the opportunity to learn about NFTs.

Since 0N1 Force launched, big names such as Logan Paul and Steve Aoki have joined the community. They’ve shared excitement for the new NFT, and what the future holds.