What is Canine Cartel NFT?

Canine Cartel

The Canine Cartel came about after a fierce fight between the dogs and cats in Sinaloa, Mexico . Canine Cartel NFTs are a new generation of ERC-721 tokens that are looking to takeover the blockchain. The Canine Cartel project consists of 10,000 canine characters, each with unique individual trait combinations living on the Ethereum blockchain. The unique feature offered by the Canine Cartel NFT team is that owners can customize their canines with three to choose from.

The Canine Cartel Presale and Roadmap

In a recent You Tube interview, the team revealed that the drop would happen on August 24th 2021. Currently, these Canine NFTs are mint at 0.05 ETH.

The Canine Cartel NFT roadmap, clearly states on the project’s website, shows that the first 10 ETH (10%) generated will be donated to dog shelters.

Once the 90% mark gets hit, each owner will have a chance to name their canines. How cool, right? None of the pups will have a tattoo, but the team offers a tattoo parlor option where people can ink their canine characters as a sign of loyalty. The tattoo customization bit makes this NFT very unique as no other project offers such an option.

To get the NFT you need to connect your MetaMask wallet to be one of the original members of The Canine Cartel. The best bit is that every member owns the commercial rights to their Canine.

What Dog Breeds Got Used for Canine Cartel NFT?

These canines got inspiration from 10 different dog breeds. Like in real life, some breeds are rarer than others, and each species plays a different role.

Here are some of the breeds and what they represent:

The Dealer-Chihuahua

The dealers are lowlifes who can get you anything you need but are Faithful To The Selfish and sinful desires. They use and peddle their products. 


The Mutts are the General’s loyal army who keep the rival cartels in check and their canine brothers if necessary.

The Enforcers-Bulldogs 

Anyone who wrongs the general will have to answer to the bulldogs. They handle discipline outside the cartel, and they only fear the captain.

The Captain – Great Dane

The Great Dane, aka The Captain, reports to the general only. They command soldiers and a cartel member may challenge The Captain from time to time.

Security Chief-Pitbull

The General can never be too careful. Roaming Shiba’s compound are these muscled canines. If you want to go in and out of the compound, you must pass through them first.

The Money Man-Pug 

The Pug canines handle all the businesses and ensure that the whole Canine Cartel checks payments. If your count is low, they will know, so you better be loyal.

The Boss’s Wife – Pomeranian

The Pomeranian cuties are authorized to mess with, and spend the General’s money as they wish. They also get to command troops the same way the General does.

The Lieutenant- Dobermans

These classy Dobermans speak for the general as required and run the day-to-day operations. They have class and business minds and a very soft spot for the finer things in life. Rumor has it that they get into trouble with the Pomeranians sometimes.

The Hitman-Husky 

Say a powerful cartel rival tries to mess with a general; what happens? They mysteriously disappear. According to official reports, at least. The Husky, a.k.a the Hitman, has a different narrative.

The General-Shiba

Shiba, also known as El Doge, defeated the Cat Cartel leader, earning the general title. Shiba is considered the meanest Canine in the cartel he runs. After 7 Days of brutal warfare between the cat and dog cartel, El Doge drew power after slaying the Cat Cartel leader. He is legendary.