The Team Behind Goblin Town NFTs Comes Out of the Shadows

Vignesh Karunanidhi
The Team Behind Goblin Town NFTs Comes Out of the Shadow
Source: Crypto News

Goblin Town NFTs took the NFT market by storm, even through the harshest market conditions. Despite the fact that the market appears to be in a downturn, sales of an NFT project named Goblin Town appear to be booming. The crypto market has been in turmoil as a result of the demise of Terra and the current bear market.

Goblin Town, a new NFT project that surfaced around mid-May with its 10,000 NFTs, has been rocking the top collections list ever since its launch. It even emerged as a tight competition for BAYC and had topped it to rank the number one on OpenSea for its sales.

Words were out on the street that Yuga Labs was behind the NFT collection. But the Yuga team denied the rumors, and the team was still unwilling to unveil themselves. But in one of their recent tweets, the team unmasked their identity.

Truth Labs is behind Goblin Town NFTs

The team behind the famous Goblin Town NFTs is Truth Labs. They are the same team behind the Illuminati Collective and The 187. The team highlighted in the tweet that:

“This community has placed a huge amount of faith in us, and has taken this project to a place we could not have imagined when we were building it.”

The faith that the community placed in the Goblins is what pushed the team out of the shadows. The team also mentioned in the video the 1,000 goblins retained by them. The 1,000 goblins are kept aside and reserved for the IlluminatiNFT and The 187 communities and for the team that helped to build it.

50 goblins will be given to the IlluminatiDAO and 50 to the team behind it. The remaining 900 will be raffled off at a rate of five each day for the next six months to holders of existing Truth projects.

They also mentioned that Goblin Town will not have a roadmap and that the community will be building it on the go. The crew also stated that a “McGoblinburger truck” will be on hand at NFTNYC, as well as plans for “goblin sauce” goodies and merchandise.