The Ultimate Cryptocurrency Showdown: Peter Schiff to Debate HEX Founder Richard Heart on Cryptos

Vinod Dsouza
richard heart hex peter schiff debate the ultimate cryptocurrency showdown

Chief economist Peter Schiff announced on Twitter that he would debate HEX founder Richard Heart on gold, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies. The debate between Schiff and Heart is scheduled to take place on February 23, 2022, at 5:00 PM EST. To be a part of the debate, users can register here and secure their slots.

The event is dubbed as ‘The Ultimate Cryptocurrency Showdown’ where the two will sit down for a raging debate. A previous run-down between Schiff and Heart can be read here.

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Schiff, a veteran stock market and gold trading analyst has been skeptical on cryptos suggesting that its bubble might burst in the future. On the other hand, Heart firmly believes that cryptos are the future and can generate better returns to people than the traditional markets.

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Heart and Richard don’t think alike and have their own thought processes about the future of finances. Schiff had previously challenged Bitcoin billionaire Mike Novogratz for a debate but that didn’t go through. HEX’s Heart was a critical opponent of Schiff and regularly took him down on Twitter challenging him for a debate.

Peter Schiff Hit out at Richard Heart’s HEX

Schiff recently poked fun at Hex saying people that have not invested in it, are the real winners. He also called Hex ”worthless” in his latest tweet.

”HEX is a cryptocurrency based on “proof of wait.” Where suckers are “rewarded” for locking up their tokens so those who got in early can cash out. The only ones who benefit from the wait are those who don’t. In the end, those who do will be left holding a bag of worthless Hex!” tweeted Schiff.

He also asked people to tune in to the debate with Heart where he cited he’ll educate the importance of gold. ”Now I’ve officially thrown down the gauntlet on #Hex knowing that @RichardHeartWin has already picked it up and agreed to debate me. Not just about Hex. But about #Cryptocurrencies in general. #Bitcoin in particular, and #gold. Secure your place here,” he tweeted.

However, Heart asked Hex investors not to throw shade at Schiff and just prepare themselves for the debate. ”Everyone be nice to Peter. I debate him live in a few days and I want him happy. Let all my arguments be new to him in a few days. He doesn’t need your help prepping,” replied Heart to Schiff’s tweet.