These are the Top Shiba Inu Social Media Influencers

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Shiba Inu
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Social media platforms have matured over the past years and have now become a storehouse of information. In particular, they seem to share a symbiotic relationship with cryptocurrencies and specifically, meme coins such as Shiba Inu.

In fact, the research website LunarCrush has dedicated an entire section to social media metrics. These include social volumes, social dominance, social relevancy, etc. But who creates these numbers? Although independent tweets can go viral, a few accounts are responsible for creating a chunk of social media traffic.

Tweets by these users can create mass hysteria, transpiring into price increases in some cases. So without further ado, let’s dive into the top influencers on Shiba Inu. Keep in mind that followers and tweets per day are heavily weighted in the rankings.

Number Five

Kickstarting the list on a strong note is Twitter handle @ShibInfo. The handle boasts a following of over 350,000 users who are kept entertained by the latest Shiba Inu partnerships, donations, and price updates. The handle is particularly known for sharing new SHIB inspired projects that are about to go public.

Number Four

@ShibaInuHodler takes the number 4 spot with over 315,000 loyal followers. The account is most popular for contests and giveaways, although it does cover general Shiba Inu news as well. Price updates are also common, especially when large candles form on the charts.

Number Three

The third spot on the list goes to @Shibburn. As the name suggests, the handle, followed by a little over 200,000 users, is most popular for posting details about Shiba Inu burns. A website is also maintained by the same name, where users can learn specific details regarding the total Shiba Inu burned to date, circulating supply, and burn rate. At times, the Twitter handle covers large transactions and transfers as well.

Number Two

With a following of nearly 270,000 users, handle @shibainuart, or ‘Milkshake’, takes the second spot on the list. The handle averages over 25 Shiba Inu-specific tweets per day over the few months, covering a wide range of topics such as general updates, price predictions, new listings, whale transactions, rumors & speculations, you name it. The account caters to a large variety of Shiba Inu followers, ranging from newbies to veteran traders.

Number One

Grabbing the number one spot on the list is @ShibInform. The account is followed by nearly 400,000 users, making it the largest SHIB community following in the list. Apart from regularly posting about the Shiba Inu hype train, the account is home to SHIB memes, updates, and giveaways. For your daily dose of Shiba Inu news, ShibInform is a must-follow.

Honorable Mentions – Duncan Gray & Elon Musk

Record producer, NFT enthusiast, and Shiba Inu proponent in a well-known figure in the community. Followers are kept engaged with news regarding Shiba Inu whale purchases, price charts, and also trading insights in some cases.

Finally, the list would be incomplete without the supposed meme coin father, Elon Musk. Although the Tesla CEO has only mentioned Shiba Inu a handful of times in his tweets, a buying frenzy kicks off from even the remotest mention of the popular meme coin.

At the time of writing, Shiba Inu traded at $0.0000xx, with a bull flag breakout active on its daily chart.

Source: TradingView