These 25 Countries Are Ready To Join BRICS in 2024

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Russia’s President Vladimir Putin confirmed early this month that more than 20 countries are ready to join BRICS in 2024. South African BRICS Ambassador Anil Sooklal also revealed that more than two dozen countries have expressed interest in joining the bloc. The latest data reveals that 25 new countries are looking to be a part of the BRICS alliance in 2024. Read here to know how many sectors in the US will be affected if BRICS ditches the dollar.

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An expansion is on the cards and BRICS will soon become a larger group if many countries are inducted. In this article, we will highlight the names of the 25 countries that are ready to join the BRICS group in 2024.

List of 25 Countries That Want To Join BRICS in 2024

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A total of 25 countries have expressed their interest and also formally submitted their application to join BRICS in 2024. Many more nations could express interest in being a part of the grouping. Below is the list of all the countries that want to join the BRICS bloc this year in 2024.

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Applied For BRICS Membership

  1. Algeria
  2. Bahrain
  3. Bangladesh
  4. Pakistan
  5. Bolivia
  6. Cuba
  7. Kazakhstan
  8. Kuwait
  9. Palestine
  10. Senegal

Expressed Interest To Join BRICS

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Angola
  3. Comoros
  4. Democratic Republic of Congo
  5. Gabon
  6. Guinea-Bissau
  7. Mexico
  8. Nicaragua
  9. Sudan
  10. Syria
  11. Tunisia
  12. Turkey
  13. Uganda
  14. Uruguay
  15. Zimbabwe

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Therefore, out of the 25, 10 countries have formally applied for BRICS membership. The other 15 nations have only expressed interest in joining the bloc and are yet to submit their application. A new round of expansion could be decided at the next BRICS summit in October 2024. The upcoming 16th BRICS summit in 2024 will be held in Russia’s Kazan region.