Top Hanes Executives are Looking at Shiba Inu X Champion Collaboration

Paigambar Mohan Raj
Source: Champion Hoodie

Followers of the Shiba Inu token must by now be aware of the coin’s campaign to collaborate with Champion Clothing. The initiative was started by Twitter user SHIB HEAD, who has gotten a lot of traction for the movement since. The Shiba Army has been in full support of the movement, and we are well aware of the capabilities of the Shiba Army when they band together for a cause.

Source: Champion

Although the movement has not made as much noise as the “Hey Robinhood, when SHIB?” movement, it sure has made some moves within the top execs at Hanes. For those that are not aware, Hanes is the owner of Champion Clothing.

In a recent tweet, SHIB HEAD has revealed that the Marketing Specialist at Hanesbrands Inc. has viewed their LinkedIn profile.

This is a positive development in the move towards getting Champion to collaborate with the popular token.

Shiba Inu X Champion collaboration soon?

This is not the first time a top executive from Hanes has viewed SHIB influencers’ LinkedIn profiles. Previously, as reported by Watcher Guru, three separate Hanes clothing executives viewed the Shiba Inu X Champion campaign on LinkedIn, confirming that it has already reached their table.

Hanes’ Director of Licensed Product & Collaborations, Michael Jarvela, was one of the top execs who looked at SHIB HEAD’s profile and campaign on LinkedIn. Jamie Wallis, Director of Global Communications at Hanesbrands Inc., had also viewed the Shiba Inu X Champion campaign.

Hanes was contacted by Watcher Guru for comment on Champion’s ‘SHIB-themed apparel.’ We have yet to receive a response on this.

Apart from Champion, Shiba Inu is already set to collaborate with global fashion icon, John Richmond. The collaboration will see the creation of 10,000 NFTs, the physical versions of which will be displayed at the Milan Fashion Week 2022, to be held later this year. This collaboration is set to push SHIB to new heights.

At the time of publication, SHIB was trading at $0.00002175.