Twitter experiences momentary outage; Details

Sahana Kiran
Source – Unsplash

Social media giant, Twitter has been a prominent topic of discussion. From Tesla CEO Elon Musk trying to acquire it to its latest lawsuit against the self-proclaimed ‘Dogefather’, #Twitter has been trending for a while now. Once again, the social media platform was making headlines after several users experienced problems.

This, however, was limited to certain parts of the globe. The outage mostly impacted users across the US and Europe. It was noted that problems with their Twitter feed started popping up around 8:05 AM ET. DownDetector revealed that a whopping 29,000 reports about the platform being down were made.


Several users even reported abruptly getting logged out of their accounts on the website. For a few others, the search results weren’t shown. Twitter, decided to send out error messages like “Something went wrong, but don’t fret — it’s not your fault” instead.

While there has been no official statement about the outage from the social media giant, its API status suggested that they were probing the situation.


Furthermore, most of its functions were operational a few others including Enterprise Volume Streams & PowerTrack, Enterprise, and Premium Account Activity API, Standard endpoints, Standard statuses/update endpoints as well as v2 streaming Tweets endpoints were exhibiting “degraded performance.”

The social media giant, through its Support account, went on to share a tweet addressing the situation.

Twitter is back on but sparks meme fest

Twitter is one of the main platforms the crypto-verse utilizes to disseminate information. It appears that other people were also inconvenienced by the app’s outage in addition to the crypto community. Football fans began to feel anxious because they believed they would be losing out on important information.

Twitter seems to have some real fans.

Additionally, Bitcoiners will be Bitcoiners. Banking on the opportunity, several crypto enthusiasts reminded the world that Bitcoin would never experience an outage.

While the community awaits an official response from the social media giant, memes continue to pour in.