What is a Cool Cat NFT?


Cool Cat is a collection of 10,000 randomly assembled cats on the Ethereum blockchain. And the 1st generation contains 300k different possible options. Additionally, cool cats have a large variety of outfits, faces, and colors. 

Cool Cats have endless possibilities ranging from unique body, face, hat, and outfit.

How Cool is My Cat?

All Cats are undoubtedly cool! But Cool Cats are falling between 3 and 10 points. And the items you Cool Cat is made of determines these points. An ape outfit or a computer head is worth compared to everyday items like a heart or a beanie.

The Cool Cat points contribute to contests and raffles. Still, it will be more helpful to breed in Gen 2.

Why Cool Cat?

Indeed, you can be a part of Cool Cats’ coolest curated but randomized NFT project. And get an awesome profile picture in return. We’ll evolve the future together!

Cool Cat believes in a community-driven and centric project. Therefore, it gives back 20% of all ETH raised to the community through contests, raffles, and more.

By getting a Cool Cat, you have the opportunity to guide the direction of this exciting project. We need your help deciding future details like breeding and apps for our next generation cats!

What Does it Cost?

Cool Cats charge flat rates. The Blue Cat Skin is absolute to Gen 1.

What is The Future of Cool Cats?

Cool Cats are way beyond the NFT project. Indeed, there are plans to create a Cool Cat ecosystem. Furthermore, the ecosystem will comprise utility and interactivity, growth and community rewards, and collaboration with brands. 

Cool Cats envision a community that gives guidance on what features should be taken care of in Gen 2. Indeed, the community will be deeply involved in the evolution of Cool Cats.


What are Non-fungible tokens? 

An NFT is a unique, one-of-a-kind crypto art that investors can buy, own, and trade. NFTs can be used for a variety of purposes. These include digital artwork, which may offer access to special events (such as members’ cards). They also come in rare varieties that make them collectible items, much like artworks are.

For you to acquire a CoolCat, you must have a crypto wallet to keep your ethereum. Metamask is the authentic crypto wallet to purchase NFT.

What Happens to My NFT After Purchasing a Cool Cat?

You will see your Cool Cat in the wallet you used for the purchase or whichever address you linked. The Cool Cat will be visible on the website when you click My Cats. Alternatively, you can access them via OpenSea.

What of Breeding?

Breeding is poised for Gen 2. Plans are underway on how to implement it, and the voice of the community is welcome.

Are Cool Cats Worth Investment?

This is a personal decision. However, CoolCats is a futuristic project which is bound to grow and evolve. 

The success of Cool Cats is a mystery. No one knows where they will go or what their sudden rise to fame truly means for the future! However, it’s probably safe to say that anyone who invests in them should be wary because no investment comes without risk, and you could lose your money if things don’t work out as planned.