What is Land Axie Infinity, and Why Are People Buying it?

Axie Infinity

Axie infinity has various assets in the game, with land being one of them. Just like in real life, Land in Axie infinity is a scarce asset. In the system, it is known as Lunacia, the mainland.

Lunacia is an NFT asset with a token marked as TERRA.

Furthermore, the cost of land in Axie Infinity depends on factors such as location. Additionally, players can toy with the land to increase value. Either rent it out or set up rentals for extra revenue.

When exploring the map, owners might find AXS tokens and use them for their land plots. However, they can also utilize Axies that occupy a property to explore resource nodes on the map.

Axie’s may be rewarded with items such as an AXS token or other valuable assets when interacting with these resources.

The first land sale happened on January 19, 2019. The first quadrant of the four quadrants was sold. There are 17217 plots in each quadrant that fall into different categories.

These include:

  • Luna’s Landing
  • Genesis
  • Mystic
  • Arctic
  • Forest
  • Savannah

Why should people buy it?

People should think of this as an economic investment. Several benefits come with owning an Axie Infinite Land.

Resource Gathering and Crafting

Resources will regenerate in nodes, and you can use them for both land and Axie’s upgrade. What’s more, landlords have rights to any resources that hatch from their land.

Real-Time Battles With Monsters of Lunacia

Players will fight Chimera in real-time battles, either individually or as a group. The creatures drop an assortment of resources and blueprints used for upgrades on land and individual Axies.

Factors Contributing To The Value Of Land

Several indicators are pointing to the value of the land.


If you own a river plot, there are exciting cool features that you will enjoy. Some of the possible features include fishing and boating in addition to ice skating!

The aesthetic aspect of owning a riverbank increases value. Obviously, river plots allow you access to the water view that many yearns for in Lunacia.

Just like in real life, properties nearing water bodies are expensive.


Nodes are resources that generate plots in Lunacia. All plots touching nodes are more expensive than non-node plots. Node plots are rich in resources, and most players travel with their Axies to mine them.

Furthermore, Chimera boss battles and AXS drops will occur on nodes. They were automatically giving players around the nodes faster and easy accessibility to these events.


Road plots are advantageous due to many Axies that might pass by them. The theory is that when Axies pass by your road plot, they might drop some resources. So technically, if a road passes by your plot and the Axies use it, you will have passive income.


Estates are made of 4 touching plots in one section. Most estates were purchased on the original land launch, while others have been developing with time. Owning an estate gives you the potential to construct significant properties.


The popularity of the AXS coin is spurring an increase in land prices due to external interest in developing metaverses and digital land.

To grasp the price of a land plot, you must consider all factors listed above.