What is Unibot?

What is Unibot?
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What is Unibot? : Your Comprehensive Guide to Profitable DeFi

Are you a DeFi enthusiast interested in optimizing your liquidity provision? If so, you might want to check out UniBot, an innovative DeFi protocol developed by Diamond Protocol.

This article provides an in-depth analysis of UniBot, its features, safety, tokenomics, and how to use it effectively.

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What is Unibot?

A Revolutionary Platform for DeFi Enthusiasts

It’s a state-of-the-art Leveraged Liquidity Provision (LLP) platform designed specifically for Uniswap V3. They offer a unique approach to liquidity provision, allowing users to supply a single asset and borrow the volatile one from their Pool.

This strategy provides various benefits, including:

Hedging Effect

It allows users to short the volatile asset borrowed from the UniBot Pool.

Additionally, this strategy helps create liquidity provision positions with varying profit potentials under different market conditions.

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Increased Fee Income

Users can achieve high APR in their liquidity positions by leveraging the concentrated liquidity in Uniswap V3 and the borrowed liquidity from their Pool.

Furthermore, this can significantly enhance profitability.

High Capital Efficiency

UniBot Pool accepts the V3 position as collateral, leading to a capital efficiency of over 200%.

This significantly improved compared to the 30-40% capital efficiency typically seen with other lending protocols.

A Walkthrough on How to Use UniBot

What is Unibot?

UniBot comes with a user-friendly interface that simplifies the liquidity provision process.

Users can control their risk exposure and maximize returns through its unique leverage and hedging mechanisms. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get started:

  1. Deposit: Visit the UniBot Factory and deposit USDC into the Factory contract. This initial deposit will serve as the base for your liquidity provision.
  2. Set Parameters: Define your position’s parameters. These include the Range, Leverage Ratio, Stop Loss, and Amount.
  3. Create Position: Finalize the setup by clicking “Create.” This action will establish your liquidity position.

Remember to consider your risk tolerance and market views while setting up your position.

For instance, a higher Leverage Ratio signifies a bearish stance, while a lower ratio indicates a bullish outlook.

Is UniBot Safe?

It’s always essential to consider the security aspect when dealing with DeFi platforms.

UniBot underwent a security audit by Quantstamp, which identified several security issues and risks.

These include issues with swap calculations, vulnerability to sandwich attacks, lack of re-entrance guards, and more.

To enhance UniBot’s security, it’s crucial to address these issues. Therefore, we advise users to proceed with caution when interacting with this application.

UNIBOT Token and Tokenomics

The UNIBOT token, native to the UniBot platform, offers governance rights, yield farming rewards, and protocol fee discounts.

Token holders can also benefit from a revenue share model. For comprehensive UNIBOT tokenomics, refer to UniBot’s official documentation.

The Verdict

What is Unibot?

Despite security vulnerabilities, UniBot, which launched on June 15, 2023, has quickly become one of the fastest-growing applications in DeFi.

By revolutionizing liquidity provision on Uniswap V3, UniBot aims to generate sustainable yields and make liquidity provisions accessible and profitable for all DeFi users.


In conclusion, this platform has the potential to redefine the DeFi landscape with its unique approach to liquidity provision. However, as with any investment, it is crucial to do proper research and understand the risks involved.

So, get started today and make the most out of your DeFi journey. Remember, the future of DeFi is here, and it looks promising with UniBot!