Will Saitama Inu Blow Up?

Saitama Inu
Source: Benziga

Saitama Inu is barely a year old. It has already begun attracting interest among investors and small-scale traders. The token has surged over 1 million percent profit in the past seven months since its launching date.

In November alone, the token increased by 44%, even though it has dropped by 73% from its ATH. However, the coin is still a potentially profitable investment that we believe might explode.

It looks like Saitama Inu’s mission is to reduce the popularity of the meme coins like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin, which have taken the crypto market by storm. Influencers like Elon Musk have done a great job at helping the meme coins, especially Shiba Inu, gain traction overnight. SAITAMA is community-driven built on the Ethereum network token standard ERC-20.

There are reasons to believe that SAITAMA will blow up especially looking at the analysis from experts pegging their hope on the coin. This article will discuss some of the major reasons that might catapult the value of SAITAMA to the moon.

Saitama Inu Price Prediction: Why Saitama Inu Will Blow Up

At the time of writing Saitama Inu is trading at $0.000000046805.

In the past month, SAITAMA had seen a surge of about 44%, which means it knocked off a few zeros, increasing its price. However, following the recent market plunge, Saitama could not hold up, thus falling about a 73% dip.

Not to panic. According to the analysts, this is a good sign to help investors see millions floating into their accounts. Besides the dip, there are other reasons why SAITAMA will blow up.

The Launch of SaitaMask

Just last month, SAITAMA launched the SaitaMask. SaitaMask is meant to add up as a one-stop-shop for DeFi. The users will use cards to purchase tokens that they can then use to buy and sell products and services. On SaitaMask, a user will be able to create and trade NFTS.

SaitaMask is user-friendly. The users will enjoy the services faster when using it as an app to make the services efficient.

Saitama Inu Listing on Major Exchanges

There are expectations that SAITAMA will be listed on big exchanges soon like binance and KuCoin. SaitaMask is pretty much a part of the large exchanges. For now, to access SAITAMA, you will need to swap exchanges like Uniswap with a wallet connected to it. Coinbase has gone ahead and listed the token.

You can buy SAITAMA on coinbase and transfer it to your wallet through Uniswap. Gate.io users can also buy SAITAMA on it. However, the procedure is quite tedious, and the fee is around 10-15% per transaction made.

Massive Bull Run

SAITAMA has been on an impressive bull run in the past few months this year since it was created. The tremendous increase of about 1 million percent is attributed partly to the media houses talking about it every other day.

This will give SAITAMA more awareness, and small-scale traders and investors will buy and profit. All thriving cryptos have made it through awareness. Someone has to talk about it for others to know.

Saitama Inu’s Nature

SAITAMA is not just like any other meme coin out there, thriving out incentives to use them. Its also has a passive income system of about 2% for every transaction made, distributed among the holders. The burning system where 2% of all the amount of all transactions is taken out of circulation. This will continue shrinking the token and adding value.

They also have an anti whale trap that prevents whales from buying and dumping whenever they feel like it. This will therefore include everyone and increase the consumer base.