Will You Buy Shiba Inu or Ethereum if You Had $1,000? See What Holders Say

Vinod Dsouza
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Shiba Inu and Ethereum Classic started 2023 on the right foot and rose to new yearly highs in February. Both cryptocurrencies delivered decent gains to holders and are attracting bullish sentiments in the indices. While Shiba Inu spiked nearly 77% since the start of January, Ethereum Classic jumped close to 17% during the same period. Therefore, SHIB surpassed ETC in terms of returns as its among the top gainers this year.

Benzinga recently held a poll asking investors: ‘Would you buy Shiba Inu or Ethereum Classic if you had $1,000 now?’ The options also included Dogecoin and Bitcoin Classic. The poll was a four-way contest to choose from and guess which cryptocurrency the investors chose. Well, let’s find out!

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Shiba Inu or Ethereum Classic: Which One Will You Buy if You Had $1,000?

Source: Trading-education.com

The majority of investors who participated in the poll voted that they would put their $1,000 into Dogecoin. 40% of the holders said that they prefer DOGE over the other cryptocurrencies mentioned in the poll.

However, Shiba Inu came close to clinching the second spot, as 34.9% of investors voted that would invest their $1,000 into SHIB.

Nonetheless, Ethereum Classic came at a distant third at 16.7%, while Bitcoin Classic stood at the last position after receiving only 8.1% of the votes.

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Below is the breakup of the poll:

Dogecoin: 40.3%
Shiba Inu: 34.9%
Ethereum Classic: 16.7%
Bitcoin Cash: 8.1%

The development suggests that investors are keen on Dogecoin and Shiba Inu and believe in its long-term prospects. Both cryptocurrencies are affordable and investors can accumulate a bagful of coins with their investments.

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They believe that if Dogecoin hits $1, or Shiba Inu reaches $0.01, their fortunes can change for the good. However, whether DOGE will reach $1, or will SHIB hot $0.01, only time can answer the million-dollar question.