Anthony Scaramucci: I own over a Billion Dollars in Bitcoin


Anthony Scaramucci had a recent interview with Anthony Pompliano, also known as Pomp.

The 57-year-old revealed that SkyBridge is sitting on a little over a billion dollars of Bitcoin. In addition, Scaramucci stated that he had to sell some of the BTC because he wanted to avoid a situation where Bitcoin is eating up the whole fund.

During the interview, Pompliano asked, “is there a world where SkyBridge goes all in on Bitcoin? Or do you think having a parallel strategy is kind of the winning strategy?”

In response to this, Scaramucci said, “I’m as in as you can be.” He added that he is turning 58 years old in January and that he wrote a bestseller titled “Sweet life Bitcoin.” This, according to the billionaire, is just to prove further how deep he has dived.

Not sure if it is part of Sweet Life Bitcoin but the shareholder of the Hedge fund, Anthony Scaramucci, proclaims that people who have studied cryptocurrency and have full knowledge of it will be able to see assuredly in its possible future.

Speaking to Capital Connection on Monday, Skybridge Capital’s inventor advised people to research Bitcoin and get a full and clear understanding of it. In addition, he reported that the need to read the anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper plus other information.

Mr. Anthony Scaramucci Mentioned Paul Tudor Jones and Stanley Druckenmiller

The Hedge fund investor said that people who study cryptocurrency carefully mostly conclude by venturing into it. He went ahead to give an example of an investor by the name of Ray Dalio who once had doubts about bitcoin but went ahead to venture into it and finally became an investor.

In some of the other examples, Mr. Anthony Scaramucci mentioned Paul Tudor Jones and Stanley Druckenmiller as the investors who did careful research. He decided to acquire and own bitcoin.

During the month of September, Mr. Anthony’s company reported on collaborations that helped develop its growth in the digital currency world.

Last week, Bitcoin reached a high watermark above sixty-six thousand nine hundred U.S Dollars. This record comes after the launch of the first United States Bitcoin futures exchange-traded fund.

Separately, Scaramucci sees Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) as a laughing stock. SPAC is connected to President Donald Trump. Last week, the Digital World Acquisition corporation increased rapidly above its usual level.

Talking to CNBC last week, Scaramucci said he wishes for SPAC to prosper. Additionally, he hopes that the prize will shoot over ten times. Scaramucci stated that the higher the price goes, the lower the chances in 2024, Donald Trump would be President.

SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company), a.k.a ‘Blank check company,’ is a shell corporation listed on a Stock Exchange. The company aims to become a private company. Therefore, making it public without the whole traditional offering procedure.

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