Bitcoin Macro ETP: Revolutionizing Cryptocurrency Investments


The crypto investment environment has been affected dramatically as DDA (Deutsche Digital Assets) released the Bitcoin Macro ETP on Deutsche Börse.

This innovative ETP was listed on the Xetra platform today, July 3, 2024. As stated in the official announcement, this Bitcoin “starts trading on Deutsche Börse Xetra on 3 July 2024“. It offers a unique approach to Bitcoin exposure.

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The Bitcoin Macro ETP (ISIN: DE000A3G9SE0; WKN: A3G9SE, Ticker: BMAC) uses a dynamic adjustment of Bitcoin exposure. These actions are based on macroeconomic factors. According to DDA, “The newly launched ETP offers investors exposure to the world’s first Bitcoin ETP that dynamically adjusts Bitcoin exposure based on macroeconomic factors“.

What makes the Bitcoin Macro ETP stand out is its ability to ensure systematic exposure to both BTC and USDC. This optimizes the long-term risk management.

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Bitcoin Macro ETP on Deutsche Börse: Revolutionizing Cryptocurrency Investment with Smart Beta Strategies

The security of the new Bitcoin Macro ETP is ensured by using 100% collateralization. As DDA explains, “The ETP is 100% collateralized by coins held in an institutional-grade custody solution with Coinbase Custody International Ltd.

Check out the advantages offered by the Bitcoin Macro ETP:

  • The use of smart beta strategies keeps its volatility and drawdowns under control
  • There are some potential tax advantages for German investors, offering the change for tax-free capital gains after a year holding period
  • It maintains a total expense ratio of 2%, which is still competitive
  • The accumulated income increases the coin entitlement

Marc des Ligneris, in charge of quantitative strategies at DDA, explains the rationale behind these features:

We want to offer a range of smart beta strategies enabling them to gain exposure to cryptocurrencies while managing their risk more efficiently over the long term.

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The launch of Bitcoin Macro ETP shows that the interest in cryptocurrency exchange is growing. As the market for smart beta Bitcoin strategies multiplies, I’m expecting similar products to appear shortly.

This process might significantly affect the larger cryptocurrency integration process with traditional finance.

Market risks and regulatory changes will expose the coin to potential volatility. Listing the coin on Deutsche Börse offers the next step toward crypto investment maturation.