Brave Partners with Solana


Brave browser is the most secure browser offering no tracking and provides a means for users to earn BAT tokens when using the browser. It also blocks any advertising. Brave is partnering with Solana.

The browser, which offers users free tipping on Twitter, allows Solana in its network. Following the Solana’s Breakpoint Conference, the CEOs of both companies, Anatolu Yakovenko(Solana Labs) and Brendan Eich(Brave), gave details on how the companies will work together.

Solana and Brave

The two aim to use the Solana Blockchain to bring top wallet features to Brave’s Web3 desktop and mobile browsers during the first half of 2022.

Increase in Number of Users

Brave Browser’s integration of Solana will help provide the Solana Ecosystem access to Brave’s 1.3 million verified creators and 42 million monthly active users. The BAT browser is set to default to Solana for cross-chain and native Dapps.

Low-transaction costs

The Solana blockchain enables faster low-fee transactions, which helps in the adoption of DeFi and Web3. High transaction fees seen on Ethereum (due to increased interest in crypto and DeFi) have held some users back from transacting. 

Solana is the fastest blockchain globally and provides the opportunity to scale blockchain transactions for as little as $0.001 – $0.002 per transaction, providing significant cost savings for users.

Solana enables low transaction fees at a faster speed. The blockchain has encouraged the adoption of Web3 and DeFi, allowing developers to evade huge transaction fees. Solana is the most closed blockchain in the world. 


Therefore, it offers a solution for scalability, and users can transact for as little as $0.001 to $0.002 in every transaction. This is a huge save in comparison to Ethereum’s $0.1 fees.

Integration of Solana to Brave browser is the fastest-growing ecosystem; hence, it has high developer and user demand.

Developers require tools for Web3 creation, and the number is increasing daily. This will pave the way for the next cryptocurrency users to harness tokens and applications.

A Multichain Ecosystem

Mobile web will help introduce many users to Web3; therefore, deep integration with a browser, such as Brave. Therefore, Solana is key in assisting DaPPs to build the best web experiences.

The integration will always enable the infusion of Solana DEX aggregator for swaps within the Solana Network, creating accounts, sending SPL, and creating accounts.

Solana Implements Brave’s Themis Protocol

Solana is set to implement the Themis Protocol by Brave on its network. This will be another milestone for BAT because it will help encourage developers to promote BAT by integrating it as a currency of DaPPs.

Brave Shields

Promoting privacy is Brave’s mandate. Therefore, DaPPs will be highly secure. Wallet address leaks and ongoing hacks in the crypto space are becoming an area of worry for Web3 users. Brave shields help protect users and provide a better alternative to Web3 mobile wallet options.

Defi and Crypto Adoption

Brave will continue to support Ethereum. However, the partnership with Solana will boost it. Integration of additional blockchains within the wallet helps create a multi chain ecosystem and wallet for brave browsers, hence a key feature in pushing for DeFi and crypto adoption.