BRICS 2024 Expansion May Welcome First NATO Member Into Alliance

Joshua Ramos

With the group expected to grow for the second time in as many years, the BRICS 2024 expansion could welcome the first NATO member into the alliance. Indeed, the bloc may be set to bring a key member of the military collective into the economic grouping.

The decision could have massive geopolitical ramifications for both sides. In 2023, the bloc invited six countries to join. They received four acceptances, with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Egypt, Ethiopia, and Iran joining. Many experts are expecting that enlargement to keep going this year.

Source: ANI

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BRICS to Welcome NATO Member in 2024?

With more than 30 nations interested in joining the group, BRICS 2024 expansion could see the bloc add its first NATO member. Indeed, Turkey has been vocal about wanting to be part of the alliance. The country is one of the Security Council’s 32 nations, joining in 1952, according to the official NATO website.

“We would like to become a member of BRICS,” Turkey Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan told Chinese media earlier this year during a visit to the country. “Let’s see what we can achieve this year,” he added. Later that year, Fidan was one of many delegates who were present for the bloc’s Foreign Minister Meetings.

Source: PBS

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In 2018, Turkey was present at the alliance’s annual summit of that year. Then, Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested the country’s participation in BRICS. At the time, he suggested that the nation seek to officially join the bloc by 2022. However, that didn’t come to fruition.

BRICS 2023 expansion was its first integrated growth plan since 2001, when it welcomed South Africa into the group. That is not the case anymore. Although there have been rumblings that the bloc is set to pause official expansion, Turkey could be on the short list of nations selected to become a prominent BRICS partner country.