BRICS Summit to Feature More Than 70 Heads of State

Joshua Ramos
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Source: CNBC

With the upcoming event just a few weeks away, more news is surfacing regarding the Johhanseburg gathering for the BRICS bloc. Now, South Africa has confirmed that the BRICS Summit is set to feature more than 70 heads of state. As the country has already sent out a host of invitations to interested countries.

However, the invitations have excluded Western nations, according to recent reports. This decision came after French President Emmanuel Macron attempted to gain an invitation to the upcoming gathering. Conversely, the event should be filled with countries of the global south, likely seeking to join the growing bloc.

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Over 70 Heads of States Invited to BRICS Summit

This year has seen significant and notable growth for the BRICS economic alliance. Embracing their goal for a multipolar world as they never have, the bloc has garnered support from the whole of the global south. Combined with its de-dollarization efforts, it has become immensely attractive for developing nations.

Subsequently, the upcoming summit should provide a unique opportunity for the bloc to finally discuss its expansion efforts. Specifically, setting in motion guidelines to facilitate growth. Moreover, despite that likely outcome, the BRICS summit is set to feature more than 70 heads of state.

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South Africa’s BRICS ambassador, Anil Sooklal, stated that invitations to all heads of state within the global south have already been extended. Additionally, he noted that many of those heads of state had already contacted President Cyril Ramaphosa to inquire about a potential invitation.

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Sooklal stated that the summit would be the largest the bloc has ever held, especially in terms of outreach. “We’ve never had such a large outreach. In 2008, we had the entire Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) heads of state present as well as the leaders of the global south.”

The massive guest list for the political gathering is certainly a reflection of the overall interest in the bloc. A host of countries have sought to become part of what the economic alliance is building. Alternatively, they undoubtedly boast impressive economic potential as a collective.