BRICS: US Journalist Tucker Carlson Launches Show in Russia

Joshua Ramos
REUTERS/Marco Bello

In what is certainly a shocking development, top US journalist Tucker Carlson has launched a show to debut in the BRICS nation of Russia. According to reports, the program is set to be hosted by the former Fox News anchor and will appear on Russia’s state television.

Carlson is well-known for his conservative leanings and conducted a groundbreaking interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin in February of this year. Subsequently, the prominent news personality is set to anchor a program titled Tucker on the state-owned channel, Russia 24.

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Tucker Carlson Launching a Show on Russia State TV

Over the past year, the growth of the BRICS economic alliance has been undeniable. Indeed, their economic initiatives have increased their prevalence and facilitated a global shift away from the US dollar. Subsequently, they have orchestrated increased geopolitical influence through their actions.

The economic alliance has been led by the original five, with Russia taking a prominent position. Indeed, that led one notable newscaster to seek out an interview with the nation’s president. That encounter took place earlier this year, much to the surprise of many. Now, top US journalist Tucker Carlson is set to debut a new show on Russian state TV.

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According to reports, the show will be a joint collaboration with Carlson TV. Moreover, the journalist will interview different politicians throughout the program. Specifically, the guest list will reportedly focus on “alternative views to the mainstream.”

The show will reportedly be a continuation of Carlson’s current program, which is already available on both X (formerly Twitter) and YouTube. However, the iterations set to air in Moscow will feature a dub in Russia. The program’s first episode has already aired on the Russian state-owned channel.