BRICS: What Countries Are All But Guaranteed to Join in 2023?

Joshua Ramos
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The BRICS Summit is primed to be a vital moment in the establishment of the economic alliance. Moreover, as the bloc’s leaders gather, the potential expansion of the collective will likely dominate the discussion. So, with BRICS growth seemingly assured, what countries are all but guaranteed to join in 2023?

The list of interested countries has grown by the day, with emerging economies seeing the potential for a voice in the group. Yet, of the more than 20 countries that have expressed interest, the impending guidelines established at the summit should begin to solidify which nations have a better chance of being accepted.

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What Countries Are Certain to Join BRICS in 2023?

Saudi Arabia
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Of all the countries that are poised to be a part of an impending BRICS expansion, none are more certain than Saudi Arabia. Among the reasons for its assured entry, chief among them is its economic potential. Moreover, that impact would be a vital addition to the bloc’s New Development Bank.

Previous reports have indicated Saudi Arabia’s interest in funding the BRICS development bank. Subsequently, that would have massive implications for the emerging economies that are set to enter the bloc. Thus, enhancing the attractiveness of the economic alliance, due to the country’s ability to positively affect its economic development.

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Within the talks of a BRICS currency, China has long been viewed as the catalyst. Yet, with Saudi Arabia being welcomed in, the bloc could have another massive financial player. This standing and possible impact have made the country a no-brainer in the bloc’s expansion plans.

Source: Financial Tribune

Another country that is likely to be included in a BRICS expansion plan that takes effect during the upcoming summit is Iran. The nation also showcases a lot of potential for the bloc, but it has also embraced strategic sites to the global south. Subsequently, carving out a clear position within the growing bloc.

Iran is set to embark on outreach with South Africa after a previous outreach took place with India. Moreover, these kinds of actions are likely to set the stage for its inclusion, with its shared perspective clearly visible.

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The country has already noted its desire to eliminate Western dominance, aligning with the perspective of the BRICS group. Subsequently, it will not hesitate to embrace and assist in de-dollarization efforts. Ultimately providing a situation of mutual benefit to both the nation and the bloc.

United Arab Emirates
Top UAE Royal Officials Shorted Billions of Dollars in US Stocks, Fearing a Recession
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Another BRICS expansion target country that is all but guaranteed to join the bloc in 2023 is the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Indeed, its acceptance into the bloc feels like a natural progression. Especially considering it already joined the bloc’s New Development Bank in 2021.

The economic relationship between the UAE and the BRICS nations is mutually beneficial. Moreover, China and India represent the country’s top export partners, with their economic impact likely to extend to the other nations that are present in the collective. Additionally, the country has connections with Russia, with massive investments taking place since 2010.

Investment opportunities will be plentiful, and interest from both sides will likely facilitate the move. Considering the close connection between BRICS and its bank, its inclusion could be important in continuing the conjoined interests of both entities.

Other Potential Inclusions

BRICS Bangladesh China Hasina Xi Jinping
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Although those three nations are almost assured to join the bloc, there are other countries. that boast an outside chance. Among those are Indonesia, Bangladesh, Argentina, and Egypt. These countries all have varying benefits from potential inclusion and could make the case for being part of expansion measures.

What makes these countries likely is their willingness to take part in BRICS plans in recent months. These four countries have all embraced the de-dollarization efforts that the bloc has taken throughout the year. Moreover, they have all been outspoken in their desire to be a part of the collective.

Ultimately, the bloc will seek to expand with nations that could optimize its growth pattern. Subsequently, that will also have to align with the country’s desire to work alongside the bloc. These nations have shown that desire. Thus, they could prove valuable as they continue to grow in number.