Here’s Everything we Learned from Today’s SafeMoon Sunday AMA 08/22


Here are some of the important announcements made during the recent SafeMoon Sunday AMA 08/22 which was hosted by John Karony, SafeMoon’s CEO, and Jack Haines, SafeMoon’s COO.

SafeMoon has Achieved 2 Major Twitter Milestones

SafeMoon has achieved 2 Major milestones on Twitter.

SafeMoon is officially the first crypto on twitter to become verified, cementing themselves in the crypto space, they also surpassed 1,000,000 twitter followers which is no small feat.

Safemoon V2 Update

The SafeMoon team is always looking for ways to improve and evolve the SafeMoon contract, and SafeMoon V2 accomplishes just that.

SafeMoon V2 involves updates including higher security, quality and accessibility and very exciting new integrations. However the main focus of this upgrade is security, and the team is doing an audit of their already tight security features. More features of SafeMoon V2 will be discussed in future Sunday AMAs but the team is optimistic that V2 will be integrated next month.

Safemoon Partnerships

John and Jack insists that they will announce any partnership by them or via a video posted from an official SafeMoon account.

If you don’t see any cool video or a tweet from John and Jack, then it’s probably not real.

Safemoon Wallet Beta Update

It has only been 15 days into the beta update and there has been overwhelming feedback and traffic to the site. SafeMoon’s website recorded a staggering 15 Million unique IPs, that flooded the website in a span of only 3 minutes. They got over 30,000 android open beta testers and 10,000 on IoS.

They have made 3 updates so far to the SafeMoon Wallet Beta and they will continue making more updates based on the overwhelming feedback from the community. The website has also been scaled up to accommodate more traffic.

The team wants to ensure the SafeMoon Wallet is the most secure Wallet available, and to ensure this, safety mechanisms such as Biometrics, 2FA, increased encryption will be implemented. Regular updates will be conducted on the site and more informative charts will also be added.

Introducing SafeMoon Swap

Jack and John also introduced SafeMoon SWAP which stands for Send Withdraw and Purchase. SWAP will integrate on Android, IoS and website. The transaction fees will go directly into the Safemoon Ecosystem.

A SWAP transaction fee of 0.25% will occur each time a swap on any listed token takes place. That fee is then split up with 0.17% going back to the liquidity pool 0.05% going back to support the SafeMoon ecosystem and 0.03% to buyback and burn function, which will dramatically increase the burn rate.

AMA Questions

What is the reasoning behind releasing the exchange before the blockchain?

For quality control, and other pieces of technology they are working on. More things will need to be created before the update to have a more complete ecosystem

Buy Button & SafeMoon Update?

Both are still in the works due to the legalities. And It is really important for the team to stay within regulatory standards.

Utah Office Update

Utah office is still in the works and partnerships. They are some architects who are busy on designs and the team will ensure they choose the best.

More information on Operation Phoenix and The Gambia

John couldn’t talk much about it due to NDA’s, however, they will give more information in December.

Don’t Forget!

SafeMoon Wallet Launch: 28th August

Next SafeMoon Sunday AMAs: 5th and 19th September

SafeMoon v2 Launch : September 2021