HEX token spikes 20% despite the Crypto Market dip

Vinod Dsouza
HEX Crypto
HEX spikes 20% today and reaches new weekly highs.

As the saying goes, ‘when the floor is lava’ HEX becomes the shining city on the hill and spikes in double digits. While the cryptocurrency market dipped yesterday and all coins turned red, HEX shot up +20%. It was one among the handful of cryptos trading in green and chalked out a path of its own.

HEX has shot up +62.8% since the recent market dip and goes the opposite direction of a crypto crash. Since the last 7-trading days it is up +83.7% and almost doubled investors money in a short span of time.

Richard Heart’s HEX was launched on December 2, 2019 and its price spiked 10,000x from the day of its launch. Investors who took early entry position during its initial days turned millionaires in less than two years. The crypto delivered generational wealth to common folks and is among the most sought-after cryptocurrency in the market.

HEX was the only crypto to double in price every 48 days since its inception in 2019. To be precise, HEX doubled in price 13 times up until September 2021. However, it for the first time failed to repeat the feat in October as it plummeted more than -50%. Whales began booking profits and sold their holdings making HEX to slump in price.

The crypto had reached an all time high of $0.51 in September and began dipping since then. However, many investors made use of the opportunity and brought the dips as HEX is known to defy expectations. Investors who brought the dip are reaping all the profits and the crypto could touch new weekly highs if the momentum continues.

HEX Investors Are Waiting For PulseChain Launch

Since the last 365 days, HEX is up +5,535.5% and defied all odds during the May 2021 market crash. The crypto stood as strong as a rock and hit new highs every 48 days.

Richard Heart revealed he would launch PulseChain but did not reveal the release date. Investors are waiting to invest in PulseChain during its first days in the hopes of it mirroring HEX’s performance. Social media is already buzzing with PulseChain’s launch but Richard Heart has remained tight-lipped about its release date.

There is no doubt that HEX investors will go all-in for PulseChain and reap the rewards it has to offer. Richard Heart has always stood by the crypto market through thick and thin and will make PulseChain the next HEX.

At the time of publishing, HEX was trading at $0.29 and is up +19.2% in the 24-hours day trade.