How Does Bitcoin EFT Approval Affect the Crypto Space?


Cryptocurrency is influencing the new wave of investment, especially in Bitcoin. Therefore, we need to look into how Bitcoin EFT approval affects the crypto space.

Bitcoin EFT

Several companies are looking to create Bitcoin EFTs and sell them as shares. The limited supply of Bitcoin makes it a rarity like gold. Creating futures helps distribute the asset over billions of people globally, just like gold; for example, many people hold a digital representation of gold rather than the gem itself. Holders can trade the shares, just like Bitcoin EFTs that will be tradable but with the name tokens rather than stocks.

Increase in Price of Bitcoin

EFTs will be a disappointment to the bears in the cryptocurrency markets. Despite China’s FUD with Bitcoin, mining activities increased, and Bitcoin’s halving increased by over 95%. The halving means the token supply is increasing, and the maximum supply of the coin is almost near. A limited supply will make the coin gain so much value hence a price rise.

Acceptance of Bitcoin

Many countries and individuals will begin adopting the use of cryptocurrencies. Validation of Bitcoin EFTs will mean that the SEC trusts Bitcoin and sees it as a form of currency. Many nations and commercial sites will begin accepting Bitcoin as a mode of payment.

Increase in Mining

Some of the 4,065 cryptocurrency ASIC miners in operations at the Riot Blockchain mining facility. (PRNewsfoto/Riot Blockchain, Inc.)

Mass adoption of Bitcoin will lead to an increase in mining activities. Bitcoin mining will increase the supply of the coin in the market, thereby a price increase. Mining will not stop when the maximum supply is reached because of the adoption of other cryptocurrencies. Altcoins still need mining. Therefore, cryptocurrency and Bitcoin miners will ramp up. Bitcoin will only be a gateway to mining activities of other coins.

Stabilize the Crypto Markets

The crypto markets are volatile. SEC’s approval of Bitcoin EFTs for companies such as Grayscale will help in stabilizing the markets. Using Bitcoin Futures will help secure the market from scammers, hackers, and volatility. It will help traders secure investments and not lose billions within minutes during a bear market. A stable cryptocurrency market will promote bluechip projects and do away with all meme coins and coins of no actual use case.

Birth of Many Billionaires

Acceptance of Bitcoin Futures will cause the price of Bitcoin to shoot, increasing the number of traders in the markets, hence an increase in trading activities. This will make the price to shoot therefore birth many billionaires in the process, especially for early investors.

Growth of Cryptocurrency markets

Cryptocurrency markets follow Bitcoin, which acts as a stable currency. Most altcoins increase as Bitcoin increases in value. Bitcoin serves as the dollar of cryptocurrencies; a rise in the price of Bitcoin causes other coins to rise in price, the reverse is true. One such example is the Bitcoin crash this year that led to a collapse in the cryptocurrency markets. Most altcoins depend on Bitcoin’s price to thrive.

How Does Bitcoin Eft Approval Affect the Crypto Space?

Bitcoin EFTs will be a game-changer in the crypto space. We are all eager for SEC’s approval. There is no better time to get into cryptocurrency than now.