How Many Shiba Inu Tokens were used to Mint Lands in the Metaverse?

Vinod Dsouza
Shiba Inu SHIB The Metaverse
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Bidding for lands in SHIB the Metaverse opened last month and only Leash holders were given priority access for bidding. Users who locked their Leash tokens got first access in the ‘land event’ and 35,000 plots were up for grabs. On the very first day, close to $6 million in Ethereum was minted in SHIB the Metaverse by Leash holders. At the end of the ‘land event’, a total of 6,280 ETH worth $20 million was spent to mint lands in the Metaverse.

One particular user spent the highest with 36.3 ETH worth $110,712 in the Metaverse. The purchase was not made for a single plot but the user made good use of the multi-bid format and purchased 121 different plots of land. On average, the user spent approximately 0.3 ETH for different individual plots.

However, investors complained that the team is giving more importance to Leash and Ethereum but not the Shiba Inu token. Investors demanded the team to add Shiba Inu as an option to mint lands, so it can have a use-case in the Metaverse ecosystem.

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How Many Shiba Inu Tokens Used to Mint Lands in SHIB the Metaverse?

The team opened up the rest of the plots for sale this month and announced that investors can mint lands with Shiba Inu. “New minting option has been released on Mint lands with $SHIB!” read a tweet from SHIB: The Metaverse. Moreover, the cost of the plots remains the same and the rates have mostly been unchanged.

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Now that Shiba Inu can be used to mint lands in SHIB: The Metaverse, the sales have drastically dropped when compared to Leash x Ethereum.

  • On day 1 of the ‘land sale’, $20 million was used to mint lands by Leash holders with Ethereum.
  • On day 1 of the ‘land sale’, only $63,500 worth of Shiba Inu tokens were used to mint lands.

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In conclusion, the difference between the two is heaven and earth in terms of amount. Not many investors made use of Shiba Inu to purchase lands but did it with Leash x Ethereum big time.