How To Buy, Sell Crypto Using Solana’s Saga Phone

Paigambar Mohan Raj

The Solana Saga is the first mobile phone from a blockchain company, launched in April 2023. The phone includes all the typical smartphone features, customers have grown to expect plus a Web3 experience. It has seamless connectivity between crypto wallets and DApps as well as a marketplace for decentralized applications (DApps).

The setup process is very easy. Users have to create a Solana wallet, as well as a seed vault that contains the seed phrase. Then, users can sign transactions and unlock their wallets using their fingerprints as a form of biometric identification. The seed vault is a key component that prepares it for the Web3 experience.

The basic configuration of the phone is identical to an average Android phone. Therefore, users most likely won’t face any trouble with the UI or interface.

Trading crypto using Solana Saga

The Phantom wallet, which is frequently used on the Solana network, is very easy to set up. Some customers, however, have encountered issues putting additional programs onto their phones.

Saga users also receive a genesis token, which enables the Solana DApps ecosystem to recognize and reward devoted users over time. Practically speaking, utilizing the fingerprint sensor, transactions using the Phantom wallet to convert USDC to SOL are reportedly seamless. The Phantom Wallet is a self-custody wallet that users can use to buy and sell crypto easily. Users can simply add funds to their wallets and begin their journey.

In addition to these unique and integrated user experiences, the Solana Mobile team has also revealed significant airdrops. For instance, an airdrop is being offered to consumers who pre-ordered the phone by Claynosaurz, one of the top NFT communities on Solana based on market valuation.

The same is true for other Web3 applications. To support other Web3 applications, Saga depends on the Android environment. However, they cannot provide the same seamless experience as Saga DApps. Regardless, the Solana Saga costs $1000, which is a steep price, given it is still a bear market. It is mostly SOL fans and users who are probably shelling out to get their hands on this latest smartphone device.