How to Deposit on Kucoin

deposit on Kucoin

Kucoin is a crypto exchange platform on which users can buy digital coins using fiat currency. Kucoin is among the top 10 biggest crypto exchanges in the world. Currently, it has traded about $641 billion and has about 851 million accumulated traders. Kucoin claims that 1 out of 4 Crypto holders in the world use their services.

Kucoin aims to offer a fast, safe, and reliable exchange platform on which you can buy and sell Crypto. Other services offered include a trading platform, a trading Bot, a Crypto holding platform, and wallet services. You will access all these services after registering with them and depositing funds into your Kucoin account.

How to deposit on Kucoin

To deposit into Kucoin, you need to open an account with Kucoin. You can either use your phone number or your email address to sign up.

Kucoin sign up page

On the top right corner of your Kucoin account homepage, go to assets and in the select main account( Deposits and withdrawals)

Accessing your Kucoin Main account to deposit

Cryptocurrency Deposit

Click on deposit, then click on Cryptocurrency, then select the Cryptocurrency you want to deposit. 

Depositing Crypto into Kucoin account

For our case, let’s use the BTC. If you want to use Crypto for trading, you can deposit it directly into your trading account by clicking on main account and selecting trading account. Copy the Bitcoin address, paste it into your wallet, and send the Crypto into your Kucoin account.

If you are buying your Bitcoin from another exchange site, Paste the Bitcoin address as your wallet address on the site.

Using your Kucoin Bitcoin Address in another exchange platform

After confirming the transaction from your wallet, go to assets then main account and confirm if your Bitcoin has arrived. Sometimes the transactions take longer to be verified, so it might take about 1-30 minutes for the Bitcoin to reflect in your Kucoin account.

Depositing Fiat Currency

Currently, you can’t deposit fiat funds into your Kucoin account. The only way to do this is to buy Cryptocurrency with the Fiat currency. To do this, go to the Kucoin homepage, click on buy Crypto on the top left corner and select fast buy.

Buying Crypto in Kucoin using Fiat methods

Select the Crypto you want to buy. At the pay with tab, you can select the fiat currency you are using and put the amount you wish to spend. Click on the green tab saying buy. You will be directed to a page asking you to select your payment method. Select your payment method, confirm your transaction, and wait for the Crypto to reflect in your Kucoin account.

Some depositing methods, e.g., bank transfers, require you to verify your account, but your transaction will go through if you are using third-party apps, e.g., Apple pay and Google pay.