MicroStrategy CEO Calls Bitcoin ‘Superior’ to Other Asset Classes

Joshua Ramos
MicroStrategy disclosed in its third-quarter earnings report last week that it purchased 155 additional bitcoins in October.
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MicroStrategy CEO and Chairman Michael Saylor has recently called Bitcoin “Superior” to other asset classes. Indeed, he noted his belief that cryptocurrency is “the strongest asset” in a recent interview. Moreover, he discussed the asset’s importance to the company and its strategy.

Saylor has not been shy about his Bitcoin advocacy, especially when it comes to MicroStrategy investments. Indeed, the company has long embraced the acquisition of Bitcoin which continued its int most recent Q4 financial results. Specifically, there it announced it now holds a remarkable 190,000 BTC.

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Saylor Calls Bitcoin “Superior” Against Other Asset Classes

There is no understating how important 2024 has been for Bitcoin as a mainstream asset. Indeed, the 11 Spot Bitcoin ETF approval made but the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), to start the year was a landmark development. Subsequently, it has paved the way for more institutional investment interest in the asset.

Moreover, as the cryptocurrency is increasing in value, original investors are being put in far better positions. Chief among them is Michael Saylor, who has not been shy about his continued effort to invest. Now, in a recent interview with Bloomberg, the MicroStrategy CEO called Bitcoin “Superior” to other asset classes.

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Specifically, Saylor called BTC the “strongest asset” and noted its superiority compared to gold or even real estate. He called Bitcoin “technically superior” and noted how the aforementioned Spot ETF approvals have played a massive role in transforming the sector.

“The rising tides ths going to lift all boast,” he called the investment products. “If you look at what these TFs are doing, they’re facilitating the digital transformation of capital, and every day, hundreds of millions of dollars of capital is flowing from the traditional analog ecosystem into the digital economy.”

Thereafter, Saylor was asked if MicroStrategy has any plans to sell Bitcoin amid its more than $10 billion worth of the asset. “Bitcoin is the exit strategy,” he responded. “It is the strongest asset.”Ultimately, he proclaimed that he would “be buying the top forever.”