Not Dogecoin! PEPE is the “Most Memeable Memecoin” Right Now

Lavina Daryanani
Source: Mashable

On Tuesday, April 18, the masses from the crypto space have been talking about a new meme-coin, PEPE, on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit. At press time, as a result, the ticker of the crypto was trending and had already amassed thousands of mentions.

Source: Twitter

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On the price front, PEPE has astronomically surged over the past few days, fetching investors multi-figure returns. At press time, however, it was seen correcting. Earlier, it had registered its longest streak of green candles in the 30-minute time frame. In retrospect, its market capitalization had dropped to $29 million at press time.

PEPE/USD by DEXtools/TradingView

PEPE has branded itself to be “the most memeable memecoin in existence.” It intends to make “memecoins great again.” Its website claims,

“The dogs have had their day, it’s time for Pepe to take reign.”

A few hours back, it went on to breach the 10,000 holder mark, bringing to light the entrance of new people into its ecosystem. Alongside, it should be noted that the crypto has a supply of 420.69 trillion, making it hard for investors to not perceive the project as a joke.

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Community Reactions

The token has received conflicting views from people in the industry. Commenting on the banter, a particular user tweeted,

Regardless of what you think of the $PEPE takeover, people are having the most fun I’ve seen in crypto in years.”

Regardless, people have been trading and earning profits. The liquidity on a particular trade pool on Uniswap for Pepe tokens boasted over $1.06 million in liquidity. Crypto trader “Danny” went on to claim on Twitter,

“It’s been a good week so far for me in Defi. $1,000 to over $40,000 on PEPE.”

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