Radio Caca is Set to Boost its NFT Marketplace and Build a Metaverse

Radio Raca

What is Radio Caca?

Radio Caca is a metaverse combining three different trends in DeFi, NFTs, and play-to-earn games. It has exclusivity in managing Maye Musk Mystery Box (MPB) NFT and DeFi+GameFi vehicle for The USM Metaverse.

Radio Caca is a project built by anonymous developers who have the backing of Tencent. China’s multinational technology company that develops WeChat.

Radio Caca has released three separate roadmaps that outline their next steps. They include the NFT Marketplace, Crypto Metaverse, and its P2E game Metamon.

The NFT Marketplace is the immediate target. Besides, the platform will revolutionize the way people use and trade digital assets. The group behind Radio Caca is building an open-source counterpart of Ethereum on Binance’s Smart Chain (BSC). They aim to create an equivalency of OpenSea on BSC.

“All the NFTs on BSC will be clearly shown when you connect your BSC wallet with the Raca NFT Marketplace. It does not matter if you bought your NFT from,,,, or Dodo. Our NFT Marketplace will show all your BSC NFTs.” reads the official Medium announcement from September 29th.

Binance’s Smart Chain platform has been trailing the NFT development on Ethereum. But Radio Caca may be developing it to compete with OpenSea. An equal of OpenSea for BSC would be a game-changer in the blockchain market. Besides, Raca NFT Marketplace will support ERC-1155 tokens, which even BSCScan doesn’t offer yet.

Already, the NFT marketplace is live, and it’s only been a few days. Yet, the significant upgrades might happen within the next week.

Radio Caca has announced that they will be releasing $RACA tokens equal to 40k USD. This airdrop with CoinMarketCap and is set for November 14th at the BSC GameFi Expo event.

Metaverse and P2E

The other roadmaps gave insight into time frames from Radio Caca’s P2E game. The beta version of Radio Caca’s P2E game will come out soon by the beginning of October. But quarter four will see the full release. Yet, there are no firm dates.

The metaverse roadmap is ambitious and further in scope. They have the goal of mainstream success by 2035. But, they will focus on building out their mainnet first and they will start with the USMchain layer-2 solution.

The future is here, and Radio Caca’s team is ready. 2022 comes with exciting developments on their agenda geared for Radio Caca’s growth.