Regal Movies to Offer Crypto Payments in Partnership With Flexa

Regal and Flexa
Source: cryptotimes

Regal Movies is a movie operator located in the United States of America. The movie operator company operates in 500 different locations with about 7000 screens in 42 states. On Tuesday, November 23, Regal announced that it is partnering with Flexa, a digital payment network.

The partnership is to help users pay for movie tickets, beverages, and food using cryptocurrency. Regal is set to accept a large number of crypto coins; these are,

  • Bitcoin ($BTC)
  • Ethereum ($ETH)
  • Litecoin($LTC)
  • Dogecoin ($DOGE)
  • USD Coin($USDC)
  • DAI($DAI)
  • Gemini US Dollar ($GUSD)
  • Chainlink($LINK)
  • Cosmos($ATOM)
  • Basic Attention Token ($BAT)

Flexa Movies

Flexa is the leading global cryptocurrency network that deals with pure digital payments. It also offers the fastest and most secure payments network globally. Flexa provides the fastest, most fraud-proof payments network in the world. Many businesses are using the platform to accept cryptocurrency payments. As a user, you can hold your coins on an application called SPEDN that Flexa provides as it also enables you to scan the code using a payment terminal to complete transactions.

When the cryptocurrency market is at its peak and transaction activities are high, especially on Ethereum and Bitcoin networks, it becomes difficult to verify transactions. However, Flexa says it can help speed up the transaction proceeds during these days by leveraging the Market value of its underlying token, $AMP, as collateral. Therefore, the transactions Flexa handled will always go through. This also means that as an $AMP token holder, you earn a reward for putting your capital at risk. This makes the cryptocurrency quite interesting to look into.

Regal Partners With Flexa

Ken Thewes, the chief marketing officer at Regal, made a statement concerning the development process in the partnership of Regal and Flexa. Thewes said that the partnership is exciting because it enables Regal to accept and easily use cryptocurrencies across the theatre footprint. It also helps Regal use cryptocurrency in an entirely contactless way, allowing them to provide guests with the safety and flexibility they deserve when embracing the new era of cryptocurrencies.

The co-founder of Flexa, Filter Trevor, stated that Flexa is delighted to partner with Regal because it will help globalize digital payment using cryptocurrency. The partnership will also increase cryptocurrency awareness by enabling universal digital currency payment options for movies and entertainment. Therefore, it will help bring the future of payments to the cinema.

Cryptocurrency for Cinemas and Entertainment Arenas

Regal is simply following the steps of AMC, another movie theatre. Early this month, AMC began accepting several crypto coins as payment for movies. On November 16, AMC attested to accepting Shiba Inu too. Still, earlier this November, AEG signed a $700 million deal in partnership with to rename the Staples Arena to Arena. Many entertainment places are openly accepting cryptocurrency; Regal is on the right path.

No partners have been this excited in the crypto space. Indeed the future is now, and cryptocurrency is that future. Cryptocurrency is gaining acceptance slowly, and the massive deals this November show the market is stabilizing, and there is no going down.