Shiba Inu: ChatGPT Shows 2 ‘Possible’ Ways How SHIB Could Reach $0.01

Vinod Dsouza

Thousands of investors poured their money into Shiba Inu with the belief that it could hit the $0.01 mark someday. The path that leads SHIB towards the 1 cent dream is narrow due to the enormous 589 trillion circulating supply. Also. the ‘burns’ have been meager with approximately 1.5 million tokens being sent to the dead wallet every day. ‘Burns’ are yet to take place on a massive scale which will push the narrative. Now, Watcher Guru asked ChatGPT about possible ways for SHIB to hit the $0.01 milestone and the AI bot provided two paths to achieve the target.

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Shiba Inu: ChatGPT Reveals How SHIB Could Possibly Reach $0.01

Watcher Guru asked ChatGPT the question, “Can you explain the possible ways Shiba Inu can reach $0.01?”. The AI bot responded swiftly and provided two options that could possibly take SHIB towards the 1 cent target.

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SHIB Path 1 – Towards $0.01

According to ChatGPT, if Shiba Inu experiences a significant jump in demand from investors and traders, it could possibly open up avenues that lead it to $0.01.

ChatGPT revealed that the cryptocurrency markets need another round of new and first-time investors to enter the markets, similarly like they did in early 2021. This could boost SHIB’s prospects and an increase in trading volume would show a price appreciation, the AI bot said.

“One possible way for Shiba Inu to reach $0.01 is if it experiences a significant surge in demand from investors and traders. This can happen if there is a renewed interest in the cryptocurrency market, which could lead to increased trading volumes and price appreciation,” it wrote.

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SHIB Path 2 – Towards The 1-Cent Dream

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ChatGPT revealed the second possible way for SHIB to reach $0.01 is through a largescale and global mass adoption rate. Moreover, the AI bot wrote that if more merchants and businesses accept Shiba Inu, its value could increase. Though a handful of retailers accept SHIB as payment, the largescale acceptance is yet to be a reality.

“Another factor that could contribute to Shiba Inu’s rise to $0.01 is its adoption rate. If more merchants and businesses begin to accept Shiba Inu as a form of payment. It could increase its value and demand,” wrote ChatGPT.

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At press time, Shiba Inu was trading at $0.00001105 and it is down 2.8% in the 24-hour day trade. SHIB is also down 87.13% from its all-time high of $0.00008616, which it reached in October 2021.