Shiba Inu: U.S. Politician Says ‘I’m Buying SHIB’

Lavina Daryanani
Source: U.S. News – Money

North Carolina’s Gubernatorial Candidate Shannon Bray has outrightly expressed his support for Shiba Inu dozens of times on social media. Recently, a community member asked users on Twitter what meme coins are they buying during 2023’s meme coin season. Reverting back to the same, Bray said that he is getting paid tomorrow, and will, in turn, buy SHIB.

According to the politician, no other meme asset “will ever regain that traction” like Shiba Inu. In fact, he believed that people who have left the SHIB arena will come back again because of Robinhood. In fact, Bray also contended that the SHIB Army is “the movement.”

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In the past, Bray has claimed that he “cares” about SHIB and “so does half the world,” but they just don’t know it yet.” While talking to Watcher Guru last year, he predicted that Shiba Inu will be in a much better position five years down the line in 2027. Bray said, “Over the next 5 years, I see the value of SHIB doing quite well. People see the value in SHIB and know that it will continue to new heights.”

From the short-term perspective, SHIB continues to remain in a stagnated position. Over the past 24-hours, it has noted a mere 0.2% uptick. At press time, it was trading with five ‘zeros’ at $0.000006876.

In fact, Bray also predicted that SHIB’s footprint will grow around the world and its adoption would rise. Well, that already seems to be materializing. Over the past few months, several new SHIB tie-ups have been announced.

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Welly announces the opening of two stores

Just a few hours back, Shiba Inu-themed burger joint Welly revealed its plan to expand its presence by launching two stores, fully connected with holders.

Emphasizing community-linked stores exhibits Welly’s commitment to community engagement and connectivity. Shiba Inu founder Shytoshi Kusama acknowledged the development and exclaimed, “LFG!”

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