Strike’s new Visa Card allows payments in Bitcoin

Sahana Kiran
Source – Unsplash

Bitcoin [BTC] grew from being extensively associated with the dark web to attaining widespread adoption. Digitalization took the front stage during the pandemic. The lack of human contact highlighted the need for digitalization. With more time in hand, the world veered into the crypto industry. Soon, the demand for the addition of crypto in every platform surfaced. Strike, a Lightning Network-based crypto payments application boomed amidst this. Now, further expanding its utility, the firm has rolled out a brand new Visa card.

Earlier today, Strike took to Twitter and announced the launch of a Visa Card that would ease everyday spending while earning rewards on them.

In a series of tweets, the firm pointed out that there was a waitlist to acquire the card.

The card would reportedly enable direct deposits. In addition to this, users will be allowed to get paid in Bitcoin as well as buy the world’s largest cryptocurrency. This wasn’t all. Further elaborating on the functions of its imminent card, Strike said,

“Now, you can get your direct deposit, get paid in #Bitcoin, buy #Bitcoin, send and receive money with friends, spend your money anywhere with Apple Pay® and Google Pay™, and earn instant rewards while spending, all with no added fees.”

Additionally, the firm intends to donate 1 percent of the profits acquired through the card to open-source Bitcoin development.

Jack Mallers, the man behind Strike has been vocal about his interest in Bitcoin. Not too long ago, he struck a deal with Shopify that would enable merchants to garner payments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Lightning Network capacity soars

While Strike has been making the most of Bitcoin’s Lightning network, its capacity hit an all-time high. At press time, the Lightning network capacity of the king coin was at a high of 4531 BTC.

Meanwhile, the price of Bitcoin was at $23,926, at press time. The asset recorded a daily drop of 2.50 percent. Additionally, it should be noted that BTC surged to a high of $24,822, just a couple of hours ago.