Thomas Smith ‘Papa’: ‘My Work with SafeMoon is Done But I Have Not Left You’

Vinod Dsouza
Former SafeMoon CBO Thomas Smith Papa

Thomas Smith, lovingly known as ‘Papa’ is no longer a part of SafeMoon. The former Chief Blockchain Officer (CBO) stepped down from his role but stated that he would support SafeMoon externally. Smith posted a series of tweets explaining that he has now placed his work in good hands.

“Please understand that while my work with SafeMoon is done and placed in good hands, I have not left you. We join together as members of the community, from here so much more can be done. Now more than ever is the time to be excited. No boundaries, we forge ahead as ourselves,” he tweeted.

Smith revealed that he could support the DeFi token externally whenever required. “My decision to support SafeMoon externally was born of confidence. This effort is done, despite confusions that I would leave previously, instead I did leave something behind. The means to complete the work with or without me in health or otherwise,” he said.

However, Smith parted ways in good terms after completing his work and gained the respect of investors. Nobility Token, which backed by NobleGG sent out a tweet wishing Smith the very best for his future endeavors.

“Taking this moment to recognize @papacthulu and everything he has done for the #SAFEMOONARMY. Building them up to be one of the strongest DeFi projects we’ve ever seen. Excited to see what he decides to work on next. As we all know it will be innovative for our entire space,” tweeted Nobility Token for which Smith replied with an ’emotional’ GIF.

The former CBO has had his fair share of praise and criticism during his time in SafeMoon. He experienced both the good side and the bad side of the crypto industry. Smith left SafeMoon with an experience that would help him both personally and professionally in the future.

SafeMoon: The Path Ahead

The CEO of SafeMoon, John Karony has repeatedly stressed on the words improvising and adopting. He’s using the same formula to make SafeMoon progress as a successful DeFi token that stands apart in the industry.

“Improvise, adapt and overcome. It’s not only about what you know, but your ability to adapt to a situation and having level of resiliency to not give up in the face of a challenge. This is especially important in an emerging tech industry. #SAFEMOON is the #Evolution!” he tweeted.

Also, during his speech at the AIBC Awards in Malta, Karony stated that adopting and moving forward is the key to success.

SafeMoon at the time of publishing was trading at $0.000003098 and is down -0.99% in the day trade.