Which U.S. Presidential Candidate Is Better for Bitcoin?

Paigambar Mohan Raj
Source: DailyCoin

The U.S. plays an integral part in the performance of the crypto market. Therefore, the U.S. President plays a vital role in how Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptos are seen. Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. have emerged as crypto champions in the upcoming 2024 US presidential face-off. Both candidates have brought Bitcoin (BTC) into the political foreground and into the public conversation. However, who will benefit the crypto community more is a question that still looms overhead.

What have the U.S. Presidential Candidates done for Bitcoin and Crypto?

Governor DeSantis has come to be known as a fervent advocate for Bitcoin. Furthermore, he is a harsh critic of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). His opinions are in line with the decentralization that is at the core of crypto, in sharp contrast to the centralization that CBDCs inherently embody. DeSantis has continuously advocated for laws that support BTC in Florida. He passed legislation in May 2021 that allowed anyone to trade crypto without a license.

Additionally, his budget proposal for 2022 included blockchain funding for state agencies as part of his commitment to crypto.

However, Governor DeSantis is not the only U.S. President Candidate with a soft spot for Bitcoin (BTC). Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has also emerged as an outspoken proponent of Bitcoin in the Democratic camp. He will make his first appearance as a candidate for President at the annual Bitcoin Miami event. Kennedy Jr. has protected the cryptocurrency sector from perceived threats including the banking crisis and the White House. His stance supports the cryptocurrency community’s fight against regulation and institutional control.

However, while Kennedy Jr. may be an outspoken advocate, some are concerned that his controversial reputation may reflect poorly on the crypto community. The crypto community is still hesitant to accept him fully as a spokesman.

So who is better?

DeSantis and Kennedy Jr. respect the potential of decentralized currency despite their divergent political views. Their political platforms are an accurate reflection of the growing influence of Bitcoin on public opinion and the direction of the financial system.

Governor DeSantis is a front-runner for crypto fans due to his ardent support for Bitcoin and opposition to CBDCs. However, even though his contentious history can cast a shadow over his support for Bitcoin, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s advocacy for cryptocurrency cannot be disregarded.

The importance of Bitcoin and its impact on the platforms of the candidates will surely become more apparent as the 2024 presidential election gets near. Once we enter the race in its entirety, more insights about the candidates are sure to emerge.