After Shiba Inu, Is BabyDoge planning to step into the Metaverse?

Lavina Daryanani
Source: TheCryptoBasic

With every passing day, the metaverse hype is getting even more fierce. Well-recognized, mainstream companies like Puma, Disney, Sony, and Mcdonalds’ have proclaimed their entry into this space one after the other, while other crypto-centric projects too, like Shiba Inu, have begun testing the meta waters.

Well, following each other’s path makes complete sense. The technology is comparatively new and all the players want to benefit from the first-mover advantage. Parallelly, people from the consumer market are also excited about metaverse prospects.

BabyDoge hints at a prospective entry into the Metaverse

Less than a day back, BabyDoge’s official Twitter handle posted a 19-second long video featuring a doge-human avatar trying to navigate its way in a virtual piece of land. The creature initially strode forward on a path covered with snow. After reaching a dead-end, it turned back and treaded on the same path again. In the last few seconds of the clip, the doge avatar turned back and forth once and remained still towards the end.

The land plot also featured a pond in the middle and a host of red trees all around the place. A couple of showcases with various banners like ‘classics’ too found a place in the video.

The caption explicitly asked people from the community if they wanted to see BabyDoge in the metaverse.

After a few hours, the handle posted another question that read,

@decentraland do you like baby doges?”

Even though BabyDoge hasn’t officially announced anything, the video gives it all. Goes without saying that most community members posted affirmative responses under the said tweets. The comments were filled with pictures with BabyDoge going to the moon, lifting heavy weights, and overshadowing the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Despite the community exhilaration, BabyDoge’s price didn’t react quite positively. As highlighted in an article yesterday, the lack of buy-side pressure continues to hinder the coin’s path. BabyDoge was down by 2% in the day’s trade and was priced at $0.000000003943 at press time.