BRICS: India and Brazil Concerned About Expansion Push

Joshua Ramos
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Source: CNBC

With the BRICS summit just on the horizon, both India and Brazil are reportedly concerned about the impending expansion push. Indeed, the two countries have noted their worry about lessening influence in the bloc. Especially as countries like Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and Egypt seek entry.

The idea of expanding the alliance has been a talking point for several weeks. Subsequently, the bloc is seeking to use the upcoming summit to establish guidelines for the growth of the bloc. Yet, some of the nations are reportedly expressing some concern regarding what that means for their standing and influence in the bloc.

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Source: CNBC

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India and Brazil Wary Of BRICS Expansion

So far this year, the rise of BRICS has been an interesting story. The global south has seen its voice magnified by its consistent growth. Subsequently, its de-dollarization efforts have catapulted it, shifting the current global power balance. Bringing the world one step closer to the bloc’s multipolar goals.

However, the idea of growth is not exactly a pleasant one for some of the countries. Specifically, BRICS originals India and Brazil have expressed some concern regarding the expansion of the bloc. The countries have noted that they are worried that a growing alliance would lessen the nation’s influence.

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Alternatively, China is reportedly pushing for expansionary efforts to take place at the upcoming leadership summit in August. While the dissension is unexpected, it is understandable considering the power balance within the collective. India and Brazil do not boast the economic influence of China. Therefore, its wariness is rooted in how it will fare against the inclusion of countries like Saudi Arabia.

The list of nations interested in joining the bloc seemingly grows every day. Moreover, at the upcoming summit, the standards for membership will likely be agreed upon. Although Brazil and India may be concerned, the expansion of the bloc is certainly shaping up to be a matter of when not if. A host of countries, including Egypt, Bangladesh, and the United Arab Emirates, are all eagerly awaiting their potential inclusion.