CryptoZoo: How To Play Logan Paul’s NFT Game

Logan Paul CryptoZoo NFT

Despite the recent pandemic, more people are investing in virtual markets. From promising companies like Pudgy Penguins to bright investments like Safemoon, digital assets have created massive opportunities for investors. And now CryptoZoo is offering another way into this exciting realm!

What is CryptoZoo?

According to Paul, CryptoZoo is an independent ecosystem where owners can collect, breed and trade unique animals as NFT. For a player to successfully breed animals, they will need the $ZOO token.

How to Acquire $ZOO Tokens

You can easily acquire a $ZOO token by buying. You only need to follow these steps.

Step 1: Create a TrustWallet and back it up.

Step 2: Add the smart BNB version to the trust wallet.

Step 3: Get a BNB from a dealer and share it through the smart chain.

Step 4: Confirm if the broker is using a smart chain by pressing “Receive”. This will give you the BNB address.

Step 5: After getting the BNB, tap the DApps icon, and it will transfer you to a new page. Now, select the pancake swap icon. In case you can’t find it, dial “Pancake swap” on the search engine. Copy the link.

Step 6: Paste the coin address on the bottom box of the BNB Box.

Step 7: Select the amount of BNB you want to swap with $ZOO. Accept the prompt to effect a transaction to take place.

Step 8: Allow a few minutes, and your $ZOO tokens will show in your TrustWallet. If the coins aren’t showing after 5 minutes, go to “Add Token”, choose a smart chain and paste the address from the site. Your CryptoZoo coins will appear.

Playing The Cryptozoo NFT Game

This is how you can successfully play Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo NFT game.

Buy Eggs

If you want to breed, the first step will be to buy eggs. You will have to use your $ZOO tokens to purchase the eggs. After buying the eggs, they will appear in your egg panel. Despite the eggs looking similar, their contents are mysterious and unique.

Hatch Eggs

After purchasing your eggs, they will have to hatch for you to know what’s inside. The eggs will need an incubation period to hatch. Worth noting, every egg being unique will require a different period to hatch.

Consequently, each egg has a timer counting down to the last second before your egg hatches. The suspense, excitement and anticipation during this wait will be worth it. Observing your hatch animation and animal reveal will give you tremendous fulfilment.

Receive Animal NFTs

The initial launch comprises the world’s most beautiful and majestic animal NFTs. It’s upon a player to combine this genetic stock to create a unique hybrid creature never seen in the world. This is all powered by Cryptozoic.