Nissan Files 4 Web3, NFT, Metaverse Related Trademark Applications

Lavina Daryanani
Source: Official ASEAN Newsroom

Companies from different sectors continue to step into the NFT, Web3, and Metaverse space. Recently, Mike Kondoudis, a USPTO licensed trademark attorney, revealed on Twitter that Nissan has filed for four trademark applications.

The Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer’s applications have been filed for its Infiniti, Nismo, and Nissan divisions.

The company intends to create virtual clothes, stores, NFTs, Metaverse advertising services, and a marketplace to trade and mint NFTs.

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Specifically, the application noted that the company intends to provide,

“Entertainment services, namely, providing on-line, non-downloadable video, images, artwork, tickets, audio, sounds, music, and trading cards; informational services, namely, hosting an interactive website providing information regarding non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and video, images, artwork, tickets, audio, sounds, music, and trading cards for authenticating non-fungible tokens (NFTs)”

According to the filing, the company also intends to look into “downloadable computer software for use as a digital wallet.”

Prior to this, the automobile company filed for another handful of trademark applications for some of its “most iconic” car models including GTR, SKYLINE, and Z. At that time, it revealed that it had NFT, marketplace, digital wallets, and storing software related plans.

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Nissan taps on the bubbling NFT, Metaverse hype

A few days back, Nissan Japan announced a metaverse-related initiative on its official Twitter handle. According to the translated version of its announcement, the firm started a “demonstration experiment” of the virtual store, Nissan Hype Lab. Moreover, via the said initiative, users “can conduct everything from considering a car to making a purchase contract with Nissan Tokyo Sales on the Metaverse.”

In other related news, Amazon is gearing up to sell NFTs on its website. In fact, the collectibles will reportedly be “tied to real-world assets,” and delivered to users’ doorsteps. The platform will allegedly be launched in April-May 2023.

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