China & Pakistan Vs India at BRICS: Rivalry ‘PRICS’ the Alliance

Vinod Dsouza
India China Pakistan BRICS

Cracks emerge in BRICS as China and India have different perspectives on how the bloc should operate and move forward. China’s close allegiance to Pakistan is making India uncomfortable as the Communist country wants Islamabad to be a part of the alliance. India and Pakistan’s rivalry is the main cause for the Modi government to remain skeptical about China’s power prowls.

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Moreover, New Delhi is against reconciling with Islamabad through Beijing and the move could suffocate BRICS in the process. Pakistan and India’s rivalry dates back several decades and the two nations hesitate to initiate discussions, let alone be a part of the same alliance.

India is opposed to China’s idea of bringing Pakistan into BRICS and the infighting is turning into a ‘pricking’ issue. India’s relationship with China is not friendly either as the two nations have been at odds for decades.

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BRICS Alliance Turns ‘PRICS’ As China Wants Pakistan, Angers India

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The Indo-China border dispute is growing and the Indian populace has negative views and sentiments towards China. This puts India on a slippery slope as the Modi government has to deal with China at BRICS and Pakistan too if they’re inducted. Read here to know why India does not want China to have control over the BRICS alliance.

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China is convincing other developing countries, including Pakistan to ditch the U.S. dollar and trade in the Chinese Yuan. China is also building a $58 billion worth of railroad to Pakistan to boost trade and reduce dependence on the West. When the railroad is built, China would have direct access to Pakistan and other Asian countries for trade.

China’s power hunger keeps India on its knees as the Communist country has more to benefit than the BRICS nations. India has nothing to lose if it steps out of the BRICS alliance as its economy and GDP of $3.5 trillion remain robust.