Here’s a Complete List of Celebrities that Have Invested in Safemoon

Vinod Dsouza

Safemoon is the fifth most talked about cryptocurrency in the world and is only behind Shiba Inu, Ethereum, Bitcoin and Dogecoin. The token was launched in March 2021 and gained spotlight in an instant. It also touts itself as the fastest-growing crypto on Earth. So let’s take a look at the “Safemoon Celebrities”.

The token could be the ‘next big thing‘ and early investors could be rewarded with fistful of dollars in the long run. Celebrities and common people alike have invested in Safemoon with the hopes of gaining enormous profits. We have curated a lost of celebrities who have purchased and endorsed SafeMoon.

1. Jake Paul

Jake Paul, the UFC boxer was one among the first celebrities to endorse and invest in Safemoon. Apart from tweeting about it, he also created several videos highlighting why Safemoon could be the best investment. Jake has 22 million subscribers on YouTube and his videos inspired many others to invest their money on the coin.

2. Nick Carter

Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter is also an avid fan of Safemoon and wants it to reach the moon and beyond. During the coins’ initial days, Nick tweeted a video of a rocket heading to the moon and captioned it, ”It’s time for blastoff #SAFEMOON.” Also, Nick embossed himself at the window of the rocket signaling that he’s all in with Safemoon.

3. DJ Afrojack

DJ Afrojack invested in Safemoon in April 2021. He whipped up a frenzy on Twitter by saying ”Safemoon :D” to his 2.5 million followers. The same week, Safemoon saw exponential growth in the number of holders as DJ Afrojack welcomed them into the community.

4. Josh Hart

NBA star Josh Hart set Twitter on fire in May after he tweeted a question about ‘how to buy Safemoon’. The comments section ended up being a tutorial service where investors educated newbies on how and where to buy Safemoon. In the end, Hart’s tweet was arguably the best way to learn how to really buy the token during its initial days.

5. Brett Ratner

The director and producer of the Rush Hour series, Brett Ratner is an investor in Safemoon. He also encouraged many others to buy the token in order to change their financial life for good. In April, he tweeted about the coin with a sunglasses emoji and the dollar sign next to it.

6. Daniel Keem

American YouTuber Daniel Keem commands 6 million subscribers and called Safemoon a crypto that he’s never seen before. He also hinted that his investment is so huge, that he can retire early when it reaches a particular milestone. Daniel is also responsible for introducing thousands of investors into the community.

7. Joel Brown

Australian keynote speaker, master coach, and the founder of Addicted 2 Success is an avid Safemoon enthusiast. He regularly hit out at critics during its initial day who questioned the tokens prospects. Joel educated newbies on how the token works and why they need to invest in it for a better life.

8. Jesse Wellens

YouTube star Jesse Wellens commands 12 million subscribers. He sent out a tweet saying people need to buy Safemoon and hold on to it for a long term. He said that the end would be rewarding with fortunes that can last generations. ”Seems that #SAFEMOON got way too popular than it could handle. Whalers jumped in pumped and dumped. Such a strong hodl community. I still believe.. things take time,” he tweeted.

9. Keith Berry

MMA fighter Keith Berry revealed that he’s invested in Safemoon. He thanked the Dogecoin army for helping him on how to purchase the token during its initial days. He also revealed that he has a diverse set of crypto assets and would hold Safemoon to the long term.

10. Ben Phillips

Prank video artist from the United Kingdom, Ben Philips revealed through a tweet that he’s a Safemoon investor. Ben has more than 5 million subscribers on YouTube and he’s responsible for thousands of people to make an entry into the coin.